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Solved Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android Update Does Not Go Beyond 4.0.4

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Have a Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 model GT-P7500 with android version 4.0.4. Cannot load password manager Dashlane which mailed me te following answer: Dashlane’s minimum system requirement for android mobile phones and tablets is Android 5.. When I try to manually update it states: no update avalable”. Sorry I don’t know how to attach” the jpg *.file to this question.


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  1. “Is there another way to update to the latest Android version ?”

    No. Not without rooting the device (it’s simply too old):……

    Remember, if you’re not familiar with doing any of this you could easily brick the unit. Also, upgrading beyond the manufacturers’ recommendations could leave you with a buggy and/or slow unit.

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