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Solved D-Link Won’t Accept Correct Password or Allow Connection

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Two android smart phones will not connect to WiFi, indicate “incorrect password” even when the correct password that was set up is entered. The list of WiFi available shows strong signal. D-Link L605


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  1. When you see “wrong password” I’ve never known it to be a false error, especially when two devices are telling you the same thing.

    Check the password in the D-Link router’s configuration utility, and remember that when you enter the password into your device, it must be typed exactly the same as the password in the router settings. That means uppercase and lowercase letters must be the same, and don’t confuse the number zero (0) with the letter O

    If the password you entered is definitely the same, you may have to change the wireless encryption type in the router settings (WEP, WPA or WPA2).

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