Workgroup PC SEEN But Can't Access

May 26, 2005 at 07:59:41
Specs: XP Pro, 1.8/512MB

Very strange problem. I have searched around various forums for an answer, and have tried just about all the suggestions, but still nothing works.

I have three computers in a workgroup, running through a D-Link 614 router:
1. XP Pro - Desktop - Wired
2. XP Home - Desktop - Wired
3. XP Pro - Laptop - Wireless

The problem is with #3. The first two PCs can share files and printers just fine. The laptop can be seen in My Network Places from both other computers, but when double-clicked it gives a can't connect error. Similarly, from the laptop I can see both of the other computers, but can't access them.

Some interesting things to note.
A. The #1 and #3 computers have exactly the same username and password. And the #2 PC doesn't even have a user login.
B. None of the computers have Windows Firewall on.
C. All three computers can ping everyone else.
D. It's not a problem with the wireless, because I tried plugging my laptop directly into my router, and got the same results.
E. I tried re-running the Network Setup Wizard on the laptop, and got same results.
F. I made sure the check that the laptop is in fact sharing files, as there are files in the Shared Documents, and that folder is being shared.
G. I have gone through the Properties of the laptop's wireless connection and everything looks correct.
H. I am not running any third party firewall. The only firewall on the network is the D-Link firewall.

I have been playing with this off and on for the last couple of weeks. If you have ANY suggestions at all, I'm all for it. Thanks!

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May 26, 2005 at 08:28:22

I had a similar problem with my network. Try pinging the laptop by name to see if the address is being resolved by DNS, if not, as was the case for my network I simply updated the hosts. file on the three machines & off it went. I know in theory you don't need a hosts file but it worked for me.

Bob Mitchell.

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May 26, 2005 at 08:41:35

I have had the same problems and it took a bit, but I have figured it out.
Under your Windows firewall settings, click on the general and advanced tabs... uncheck everything in both tabs.
Even though windows firewall is not running, the exceptions and other items under those tabs still are checked and not allowing anyone to access those PC's.
Also, if you have Norton internet security running, disable that.
gotta luv windows hidden settings!


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May 31, 2005 at 08:50:18

pc-1 Server
pc-2 Client
2 pc are plugged in the same Hub But i can't see the shared file in the 2 pc. I've shared a My connection and it's working fine on the pc-2:S. I can see the pc-2 in the view workgroup coomputer But i can't access it.
Hope Someone will help here.
Soubra Abdel

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