Windows Video Files not recognized

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August 4, 2007 at 20:48:15
Specs: Windows XP Professional S, Core Duo 1.86GHz/2GB
Hi there. I have 2 computers, a desktop and a new laptop (the laptop is the problematic one.)
In Windows Media Player on the laptop, (in the File-->Open dialog box) when the "Files of Type:" drop-down menu group "Media Files (all types)" is selected, it does not display .WMV or .AVI files to open (which are both in the "Windows Video File (avi) (*.avi;*.wmv)" group.)
The desktop, however, displays files of both types amongst the others when Media Files is selected. I suspect it is a registry error on the laptop, but I don't know what I should change to fix this problem. Simply put, I want WMP on the laptop to see .WMV and .AVI files as Media Files when using File, Open. Both computers are running Media Player 10.

Thanks to all those that help, if more information is required I will supply it.
(Note: The folder in the image is identical between both computers and contains only MPG, WMV and AVI files)

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August 5, 2007 at 00:55:17
I'm not sure if this is the way to do it, but, you could try uninstalling Windows media player, then re-installing it. You might need to go to Microsoft Updates or

Or go to properties of one of the avi files & change, to always open with Media Player. Then do the same with WMV.

Hopefully someone else will give you a better way.

Before posting try google. Backup. Use anti virus software.

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August 5, 2007 at 04:21:29
Or within WMP10's Tools, Options, File Types and make sure the desired types are selected. If they already are (as proposed) then toggle them off, exit, go back in and reset them.

You may also have another program that has a setting to reclaim these files types upon startup of that program.


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August 5, 2007 at 10:41:16
That isn't the problem I'm having. WMV and AVI are both assigned to Windows Media Player. Their icons are for WMP and double clicking on files of their type opens them in WMP.

The problem is that while using the File-->Open menu WITHIN Windows Media Player, the search type "Media Files (all types)" does not recognize WMV or AVI as a media file and does not show them, yet the other types (such as MPG) that normally are recognized are fine. I noticed that both WMV and AVI are a separate group called "Windows Video file (avi)" so it's just that the laptop is excluding that sub-group from the "Media Files (all types)"-recognized list. The problem is that I need to have this group be recognized as media files.

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