Where is the History kept on IE7?

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September 4, 2007 at 08:01:49
Specs: XP, whatever
In Internet Explorer 6, the browsing history was conveniently stored in a History folder somewhere in Doc&Set... If I had updated my IE to IE7, I suppose the history would have imported... however, I bought a new computer, and did a clean install of WinXp with IE7 already in it... after transfering all my stuff, I found out that there is no History folder...

How can I transfer my browsing history from IE6 to Internet Explorer 7 ?

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September 4, 2007 at 17:45:31
There is no history folder like IE6 in IE7. IE7 history is embedded in index.dat files.


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September 4, 2007 at 17:55:59
mmmmmhahahahha :-).

I think the answer you want is how to access it.

Click on the favorites icon in the IE toolbar. Not where it says Favorites at the top but below that where it just has the icon. You will see the new toolbar to the left. It is a tab along with the favorites sidebar.

It took me a while and some help from my friends to find it myself.

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September 4, 2007 at 17:58:21
OK in that case would you care to give the OP step by step instructions HERE so he can follow it?


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September 4, 2007 at 20:27:27
Sorry, but you both didn't understand the question here... Not IE7 doesn't seem to keep it's history inside a dat file. And actually, IE6 did... And no, I don't want to access the History via the browser.

- I know were the History is kept on the drive in IE6. It was in a folder called History. In this folder was a folder for each day of the current week, and after that each week. Insied each of these folders were index.dat files.

- However, in IE7, there is no such folder on my drive. I know how to access the History via the browser itself (pretty newbie). That is not my problem.

- The problem is that I want to import my IE6 history into IE7. I figured I would simply copy-paste my history folder inside the one of IE7 on the drive, but I couldn't find one...

- I also searched for some index.dat somewhere, but didn't find any that related to the history of IE7.

There... is it clearer? I hope no one will ask why I want to do it... because that won't help very much. Oh, and I did simply try copy-paste inside the panel of IE7. Can't do it. Oh, and yes, I do know that it's better to use Favorites to keep the links I am interested in... But that is beside the point, and beside the answer I'm looking for.

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September 5, 2007 at 01:24:35
From: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie...

An added benefit of saving URLs as Favorites is that you are able to export a backup of your Favorites for safe keeping, or to copy to another computer. It is not possible to export and import the History folder in this way.

(I think this is the info that XpUser had noted)


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September 5, 2007 at 09:36:44
Well... still doesn't answer my question...

I'm not here to debate the benefits of using Favorites. I've been on the internet for longer then most of you have. I have 300 of those Fav.

Surely the history isn't kept in my RAM...
Again I ask: In IE7, where is the History kept on the hard drive?

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September 5, 2007 at 12:04:21
Not even Microsoft will tell us.

I think you have to work for the FBI to be privy to that information.


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September 5, 2007 at 12:24:07
I've been on the internet for longer then most of you have

What do you mean by that? You really don't know us but why bother asking us questions anyway if you think you know more than most of us do.

Surely the history isn't kept in my RAM... Again I ask: In IE7, where is the History kept on the hard drive?

I already told you - it's consolidated in the file index.dat, located under the folder

c:\documents and settings\username\local settings\history\history.IE5\

Don't get me wrong, history.IE5 doesn't necessarily mean its for internet explorer 5; it is not.

I have 300 of those Fav.

I think you are confused. Favorities is not history. History are just record of sites you visited. Favorities are URLs or shortcuts to sites that you like to revisit again and again and again.


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September 5, 2007 at 12:29:30
And the reason why there is NO HISTORY FOLDER is because of IE7 protected mode. Read the following technical article to better understand - and appreciate - the changes in the way the new Internet explorer 7 behaves.



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September 5, 2007 at 15:46:29
Ok, let's see now... I don't want any confrontation, I just want to have an answer to my question.

- Been on the internet since 1995, started by chatting on mIRC.

- There is no history.IE5 folder on my computer. And there is no index.dat files as it relates to IE7. In fact, I searched my entire computer, and found only 2 index.dat files, on for Photoshop, and one for PCHealth. Therefore I must assume you are wrong. You are in contradiction in both your answers by the way. (And yes, I did checked the "show hidden files" newbie stuff.)

- I am not confused. I know Favorites are not History, and I know what both are.

- I personnaly don't care if IE7 is in protected mode. The infos must be somehere. And that is what I'm trying to find out and I thought Computing was the best place to help find answers not arguing.

Suppose I update IE6 to IE7. Then the update process probably takes the history of IE6 and put it somewhere in IE7... Protected or not, the info is being kept somewhere.

- And no, I do not appreciate the change. I have my reasons for the use I make of History and I don't appreciate the fact that I can't seem to get it back.

- Want I did try is make a search on my entire hard drive for the most recent files modified. Then I deleted one day in my IE7 History panel. I then redid the search and looked at the most recent files. One file that seem to ben the culprit is called "ntuser.dat.LOG". However, I can't seem to open it. I get a message stating that another process is using it. I did try a copy-paste, but to no avail...

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September 7, 2007 at 16:56:42
I've been "on the Internet" since before 1995. Do I win?

Obviously, the OP isn't utilizing any of the very helpful links provided.

Life's more painless for the brainless.

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September 8, 2007 at 18:30:26
Yes, you win... but that doesn't help very much, thanks anyway...

May I reply that obviously, you don't know if I've been on those link... and may I answer that I did even before I posted my problem here... and all I got was some arguments about the difference between Favorites and History... I'm glad someone didn't say "IE sucks, use Firefox".. gee, what great help would that have been... I'm a web dev, I need to have many browser types, I do have Firefox, and Netscape, and Mozilla, and IE5 and IE6 (both in standalone) and IE7...

While most where wasting time not really answering to my question, I still was looking around trying to find the answer myself. I've hoped someone would have done the same and thus contributed to really help me...

Anyway, I think I've found it... and so, in the interest of anyone who might encounter the problem, here's what I've found.

I've found that there IS an History folder on the hard drive related to IE7... and I've found that, just like IE6, there ARE index.dat that contain the History info that you find in the History panel of the IE7 browser. (Maybe I should put this in big blue caracter, but I think some of you get the point... I don't want to sound tooo cocky.)

Now, as part of the great protected world of IE7, here's how I've found the folder. (forget about the ntuser.dat and registry mentionned above)

First, I wondered if the folder could've been a system protected file. So, in Windows Explorer, I went to "Tools/Folder Options.../View" and unchecked the "Hide protected sytem files" box.

The I went to my "Doc&Settings/Profile name/Local Settings" and there it was... the History folder!

Now, I was still up for a big challenge, because I couldn't quite access it's content (probably because it's a system file). I couldn't find where I could remove the System attribute, so I went to my old DOS knowledge...

I went to Start/Run and typed "cmd" in it. That opened the DOS command prompt window. From there, I went to my Local Settings folder and removed all attributes from the History folder and subfolders and files... (try attrib /?)

I fiddled around a bit trying to copy my IE6 history files into my IE7 history folder, but didn't seem to get it right... So finally, after an hour or so, I dropped the towel...

Anyway... thanks to those who actually tried to help. Links and suggestions will probably help others. Hope me helping my own self will help others. And if from where I stopped, someone takes over and finds out how to transfer the IE6 history files to the IE7 history folder ON THE HARD DISK, then please, post it here for all to see (and for me! lol)

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September 9, 2007 at 08:35:41
Ok to access the history folder on IE7 the only way I have done it is by:

Open up IE7
Click Tools then Internet Options
In browsing history click settings
Temporary Internet files and history settings window opens
Click view files
There you will see all the temp internet files

Hope that helps


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September 9, 2007 at 12:32:12
Thanks bhoy1959, but this is not the history. As you yourself state, it's the Temporary Internet Files, which will give you any files taken from the internet... that includes say JS, SWF, FLV, CSS, etc, etc...

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September 9, 2007 at 12:49:13

Ok I am now confused if it is not the temporary internet files you want then it must be your favourite web site links yes?..


Ok you have to copy the contents of favourites folder for IE6 and then paste them into new machine IE7 favourites folder it is as simple as that..

Both favourites folders are located in :

Documents and Settings\username\Favorites.....


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September 9, 2007 at 13:29:29
Looks like you didn't read my whole posts...

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There's always an answer, you just need to keep searching. Never say never, never say "can't do".

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September 10, 2007 at 05:02:00
Ok I am confused again smumdax so can you tell me where the so called history folder is in IE6 then please?..


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