welcom screen stuck frezz

Microsoft Windows xp professional editio...
October 20, 2009 at 04:51:08
Specs: Windows XP
windows XP welcome screen stuck

i solved the problem today

without formatting as thy saied at many places
without updating as Microsoft Told you
Only with a good mind and good thinking

two steps to solve this problem

if you want to know how
contact me at MSN messenger


only 2 steps

waiting u all

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October 20, 2009 at 10:26:42
I thought fishing was not allowed on the forums. This is uncalled for. Someone should delete this thread.

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October 21, 2009 at 00:38:40
no man i didn't mean fishing as you said
i am only want to know who is care to solve this problem
believe me i am not a fisher here

and i never was like that

you misunderstood me and if you want have the problem in your computer that is the fixing here

first be patience because this will make you fix your problem without

without reinstalling all your programs
without losing anything from your files
without reinstalling all your drivers
no no you will never be need to make all of this againe

and will make you happy to know a new Solving

the problem about the welcome screen stuck
is the problem happened in the User account that u use in the windows and exactly in the
Documents and Settings folder

so to solve your problem
you have to get a CD to boot like MINIPE CD i am sure you know this CD

if you don't have this CD

put your hard disk in other computer as a slave hard disk and
browse the Drive that windows XP you installed

For Example
if the windows on drive C:\
go to

c:\Documents and Settings
and rename this Documents and Settings from ( Documents and Settings TO 11Documents and Settings )
here you changed the Documents and Settings name right ?


put the hardisk in your computer as a master
and boot fro windows XP boot CD

make a windows repair
what will happen here
the repair will looking for the Documents and Settings to repair it ( will not find that is good) then the repair will install a new Documents and Settings for your hardisk

when it will finish repairing
you will find the Computer after restarted is opend normaly and you will find everything good

here you solved your problem

But when you will open start menu and look for programs you will not find any thing
here the magic you will do

to make everything good again

browse your C:\

you will find 2 things

1- folder (11Documents and Settings you names That

you named before)
and the new Documents and Settings the repair made to you

2- you will find anew account name created in the new folder
Documents and Settings


open 11Documents and Settings and take this folders

All Users
your account name folde for example ( Roney)

and Copy this folders from the old ( 11Documents and Settings ) to the new Documents and Settings folder

here you get everything back again as first time

anything happened or if anything you misunderstood any step here

in this case contact me at my e-mail i put before

and this not fishing way i use believe mee


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