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June 11, 2005 at 20:04:06
Specs: XP Pro SP2, Pentium 4 768MB Ram

What would cause a computer's Ethernet port to not work properly? My Mom has 2 XP Pro SP2 computers connected via a Microsoft Wired Basestation (MN-100) and DSL service from Verizon. I'm trying to fix their network after several problems and discovered that the modem could connect to the internet if connected by USB, but couldn't connect using it's Ethernet port. The Basestation installation program says I need to be able to connect via Ethernet in order to complete the setup, but I can't get the modem to work that way. Also, when I connect the modem with the USB cable, a "Local Area Connection (2)" displays in the Network Settings window and it disappears when I disconnect. It also appears that the Ethernet connection is connected fine because it says 'connected' in the Network Settings window, but there's no internet access. Verizon techs tried to help but couldn't come up with anything. Oh, and one last thing. The Ethernet port on the computer in question was previously used to connect it to the network (basestation). I was trying to use it to connect directly to the modem to see if I could get access before I tried to re-connect it to the Basestation again and continue with the Basestation installation. What could be the problem?

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June 11, 2005 at 20:13:06

Some quizs...

1. Does your mom PC have built-in NIC? What are the machine's stat?

2. Which Westell model did Verizon supplied you with?


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June 11, 2005 at 20:13:26

What is the make and Model of the Cable/DSL Modem Verizon DSL service has Provided?

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June 11, 2005 at 20:20:20

Westell Model 2200 Modem

all lights light up green as well.

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June 11, 2005 at 20:21:44

SORRY, I spoke too soon.

It's Westell Model 2110

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June 11, 2005 at 20:29:19

OK this hard-wired modem allows simultaneous usb and ethernet connection ADSL.

How is the PC connected to MN-100 usb or CAT5e?

Does the PC have built-in NIC ethernet?


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June 12, 2005 at 11:48:11

The PC used to be connected to the MN-100 via Ethernet and for a while the Modem was not only connected to the MN-100 via Ethernet, but also connected to the PC by USB. It worked that way. I only noticed how it was hooked up later on when they were having problems. I don't think the MN-100 is the problem though. I got so frustrated trying to set everything up that I temporarily completely disconnected the MN-100. I am now only trying to get the PC online using Ethernet, so that I can set up the Basestation later. During the MN-100 setup it checks for a internet connection, but then asks you to remove the modem's ethernet cable from the back of the PC and connect it to the Basestation. But since the modem only seems to be able to connect via USB I'm having a problem. When I go into the Device Manager, it says that the NIC is functioning properly. I just can't get online with it. But as soon as I connect the USB cable from the modem to the PC, I have an internet connection. Weird.

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June 13, 2005 at 08:44:59

Well, I was able to get their network working in spite of the lack of an Ethernet internet connection to share. The Basestation allows file and printer sharing now, but not sharing of the USB internet access that is connected directly to one of the two PCs. Also, I tried installing the DSL modem to the other computer instead...and the same thing happened. USB connection works fine, but no internet access when hooked up with ethernet. Oh well, I'm gonna keep playing with it and see if I can get them both on DSL. It was working before so I should be able to get it working again.

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June 13, 2005 at 20:53:40

My understanding of the situation based on some of the scattered bits of information from several posts are as follows.

1. There are two PCs with Windows XP Pro SP2.

2. The Problem is inability to access the INTERNET when the 2 PCs are networked using Microsoft Wired Base Station (MN-100)

3. The ISP is Verizon DSL who has provided
Westell Model 2110 Modem.

I am assuming it is one of the Westell Dual Connect modems that can use both USB and Ethernet at the same time PROVIDED the ISP provides two separate IP numbers.

I presume ISP may not be giving that privilege.
Based on my assumptions you may try the following:

A. Connect one pc to the Westell Model 2110
in the following manner.

1. Connect the Power cable to the Westell Model 2110 and the other end to the Wall socket or better still to a Surge protector's socket (the latter for protection of the modem).

2. Connect the RJ11 phone jack to RJ11 Phone socket at the back of the modem and the other end to the Wall Phone socket.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT CONNECT the Filter to this Phone Jack. You have to connect Filter(s) to other Home phone socket(s) to avoid interference between phone and Computer data signals

3.Connect the Provided Ethernet Cable's RJ45 Connector to the RJ45 Socket of Modem's back and the other end to the RJ45 socket of NIC (LAN Card)at the back of the PC tower.

Watch the 3 LED lights lit up .

Login to the INTERNET as per Verizon Instruction.

Now you must have one PC connected to the Internet Via DSL

B.Next Connect the Router.

1.Shut down both the PCs.

2. Turn off the Modem by disconnecting the Power cable from Westell Model 2110.

3. The Microsoft Wired Base station (MN-100) must be turned off by removing its Power cable from its socket.

4. Remove the end of the Ethernet cable from the PC 1 and connect it to the the RJ45 socket marked To Modem

5. Take the 2 other Ethernet cables you must be having and connect one end connector of each to the Router's RJ45 socket marked 1 and 2 respectively

6. Connect the opposite end connector of cable from port 1 to RJ45 socket of NIC of PC# 1 and the cable 2's RJ45 connector to the NIC socket in PC #2

7. Connect the Power cable to Westell Model 2110 and then the power cable to Microsoft Wired Base station (MN-100) and Restart both PCs.

8. Now try to connect each PCs to the Internet independently using their browsers.

If you have a problem to connect to the Net, then you may be having a Modem-Router combination from Verizon and with their help you may have to reconfigure it into a Modem and Switch.

If no problem then you can network the two PCs which you seem to know. If you have difficulty, post back for more help.

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