System clock running fast

February 6, 2008 at 21:17:27
Specs: Windows XP, 2gigs DDR2
Alright here's the deal. I'm running on a freshly installed Windows XP OS. I play games such as World of Warcraft and a few other RPGS. Now, when I play WoW, check the national radar to keep an eye on storms, or even watch videos on youtube, my system clock runs just fine. The moment I open up a game on Pogo, I can see my seconds just speeding up very fast. If I end up playing pogo for a few hours, my system clock is over 30 minutes ahead of real-life time. I have the Java installed from and it was working fine 2-3 days ago. It suddenly just started happening.

I haven't installed or changed anything within the past 2 weeks. I've also eliminated the fact that it can't be the bios battery. I've did both a virus scan and spyware scan, which everything came back clean. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Java, as well as doing a system restore using XP's restore feature, going back as far as a month.

I've tried using both Firefox and Internet Explorer and both cause the time to speed up, only when I'm playing pogo games. I honestly can't figure out what could be causing this.

Anyone have any ideas about how to fix this?

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February 6, 2008 at 22:05:52
Joseph78, why's it happening? Dunno. My guess is it has to do with Pogo.
In any case, think I know a solution. There's a proggie called 'Stay Alive 2000' designed to keep your internet connection alive while you're on a site for an extended period of time (like when playing games on Pogo). It tricks your ISP by periodically (you set interval) checking e-mail. Almost as an aside, it also checks time and can reset your clock in the background.
Seems to me that you could have it run periodically, reset the clock and solve the time dilemma. Get it free @:
Ed in Texas.

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February 7, 2008 at 10:33:28
I found your post because I had the same problem. I found this at Pogo:

"We've recently discovered that Sun has posted a work-around to an issue with Java that incidentally causes some timers to run too fast. You need to change the runtime parameter in the Sun Java Plug-in."

They are referring to Pogo's game timers but I found that it corrected my pc clock and it no longer runs fast. It would gain up to 20-30 mins while playing timed Pogo Games (non timed games didn't cause an issue). The time would correct only if I re started Windows.

Now some of the games that seemed to time out really fast, are running slower which is actually the speed it should have been. I guess I got used to it being too fast all the time.


Control Panel
Java icon
Java Tab
In the first area titled "Java Applet Runtime Settings" which should be the top one, click on View.
Click nn the far right under: Java Runtime Parameters section, type in
Click OK
Click Ok

I then rebooted and now the clock keeps the correct time while playing Timed Pogo Games.

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February 7, 2008 at 11:14:45
Toobusy: thank you very much. You solution worked, however, you forgot a colon between the X and the +. So the correct thing is: -XX:+ForceTimeHighResolution

That fixed it.

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February 7, 2008 at 12:26:29
GRRR...I was very careful when I typed that too! Thanks for posting the correction!

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