Stuck on Windows XP loading screen

December 3, 2005 at 11:54:54
Specs: Windows XP home SP 2, 1.6 Ghz P4/ 640 MB sd

Heeelppp. Ive recently been putting my comp in standby every night instead of shut down, but last night I shut it down and now it wont come back!! It stays at the Windows XP loading screen.
I am only able to load it into "safe mode w/ networking." The "Last settings that worked" option does not work.

I have tried to restore it 3 times to 3 different dates, and all give me the same result---stuck at windows XP screen in normal mode, or loading in safe mode.

I have also tried unplugging the system, as well as several components within it (ram, hard drive) in an attempt to maybe reset something, but this did nothing. Im currently running a virus scan with EZ antivirus, but i dont have much confidence in that : /

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December 3, 2005 at 11:59:32

Just to comment-
Using System Restore too many times can cause
more harm than good. After doing a restore
that does not fix a problem, then UNDO the
Restoration, and try another restore point, or
just do the UNDO.

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December 3, 2005 at 12:04:33

I don't understand why people keep using standby and hibernation. The only advantages of these two power saving options is to prolong the life of the laptop battery. If your PC is not a laptop, you are asking for trouble. Standby & hibernate is known to cause countless problems.


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December 3, 2005 at 14:01:50

ok... any ideas what i should do?

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December 3, 2005 at 14:04:15

Try disconnecting any USB devices.

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December 3, 2005 at 19:31:44

"Try disconnecting any USB devices."

Yup, that worked with me when I had that problem.

FX-57 @ 3.1ghz
4GB of OCZ PC-4200
500GBx4 drive array
Sapphire X850 XT-PE
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December 3, 2005 at 21:11:25

try to put in you windows xp cd and follow this

1. xp cd
2. repair hit r
3. type fixboot
5. type y
6. fixMBR
7. type y
8. finish remove cd reboot

dont forget to press enter after each one of this

Mess with the best, die like the rest!!!!


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December 6, 2005 at 16:08:38

problems fixed. thanks!!!

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