Sticky mouse pointer

November 20, 2006 at 06:42:16
Specs: XP Home, P4 3.2/2GB
The movement of my mouse pointer is not as smooth as it was any more. It is the old fashion ball mouse. It is very clean both inside and out. So what has happened? Each time I click on an action it takes a second or so before it registers so I can move it and on one occasion the pointer shot to the top of my screen. When I click I expect to be able to keep moving the pointer. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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November 20, 2006 at 07:17:10
No mouse last forever. Try use a different mouse.


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November 20, 2006 at 07:32:51
Remove the ball, open up the cover for the mouse from the bottom. If the screw holes aren't obvious they are under a label - apply some pressure to the label with your finger to find the places the label has nothing under it and moves inward - that's where the screws are. There are usually tabs that hold one end of the mouse together once you get the screws out and you may need to shift the halves away from each other there.
Check for mung or fuzz at the ends of the roller bars, and beside the third spring loaded roller, make sure they move easily. Check for mung or fuzz at the wheel end of the roller bars in the housing for the wheels. Check that the switches are free of mung and move reliably. Isopropyl or methyl alcohol helps get the stickier stuff off, and may get the switches working better.

If that doesn't help, if this is a corded mouse, it is common for wires inside the cord to break after the mouse has been used a lot and/or if the cord has been pulled on, usually right where it enters the mouse. At first the wires are broken but the insulation is still intact on the individual wires, so the wire ends still touch each other - you get intermittant problems - sometimes the mouse works fine, sometimes it doesn't, depending on the position or the cord. If that is the case, wiggling the cord where it enters the mouse will get it to intermittantly do strange things. You can open up the cable sheath and repair the affected wires by soldering or splicing, and/or pull the affected section of the cord inside the mouse further, but it's a fiddely job.

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November 20, 2006 at 09:15:04 I said the mouse is clean.If I move the mouse around the screen it is fine.Even if I move the mouse there are no boken wires. It's when I click on somthing ie place on a programme to type my name or an action even in word it take a second to register before I can move the mouse pointer again.Even to post this message then it would not move fopr a few seconds.

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November 20, 2006 at 12:08:42
Do yourself a favour go and buy a optical mouse, they are reasonably priced.

They are more reliable than a ball bearing mouse... 8)

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November 20, 2006 at 12:37:09
If you didn't open up the mouse, it's a pretty sure bet some of the things I mentioned are not clean - you can't get at most of that through the ball door.

Try the mouse on another computer - if it works, fine, your problem is in your Windows installation's software - if it doesn't throw it out and get another one.

I still use corded ball mice - mostly ancient well made Microsoft serial ones. They're fine for most uses as long as you clean them occaisionally and don't abuse the cord.

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