Should I do disk cleanup and defrag

May 16, 2005 at 14:57:31
Specs: Windows XP Media Center E, Pentium 4/512 RAM

I really need to do a defrag on "C" drive and I was wondering if it is possible (safe) to run the disk cleanup and defrag while this c:\hp\\tmp\aio\setup\fax\Fax.msi notice is on my screen? I make the post about this last night 134280 “Subject: Fax msi no valid source found” It won't go away and I can't shut down my computer normally.

I'm not ignorant, I just need more learning!

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May 16, 2005 at 15:20:46

My guess is maybe you ran a disk cleanup b4 and deleted everything in the c:\tmp folder. That is why you are getting the error message. Looks like the setup for an HP Fax device cannot continue 'cause the file is gone.

go to Start > Run > type in msconfig.

Click on the startup tab and see if the fax.msi is checked, (look in the Command column, ou may have to drag the column width to see it all), uncheck it and reboot or else re-run then setup for the HP device that it is trying to install drivers/software for.

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May 16, 2005 at 15:25:19

I wouldn't worry about the defrag just yet. What makes you think you need to do one? Wait until the other problems are straightened out.

In your earlier message you gave a path to a temp file, etc. Have you emptied all your temp files, cookies, temp internet files, etc? If not, I would do that first. (Although I wouldn't worry too much about the cookies.) If you don't know where to find all of that, let me know, and I'll give you some directions.

In Internet Explorer, you can go to Tools, Internet Options, the general tab, and delete cookies there. Then go to Settings and view files. Then delete the files, including offline content. You can't mess things up too badly doing all of this, and it will get a lot of junk off your computer.

If you've already done all of this, and don't have much or anything in these various folders, I would just do a power off shutdown and start again. None of this sounds so serious that you can't recover quite easily.

You can also do another system restore, and you can also go into Safe Mode if you find you can't delete all you want to delete in norml mode.

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May 16, 2005 at 17:40:30

I know I need a defrag because I ran the anilize tool in my defrag folder and it told me that I need to defrag the "C" drive. I had started to do the defrag when I remembered that I should run disk cleanup first. So, only a couple of seconds after starting the defrag, I decided to stop the defrag.

At this point I decided to delete that Scanjet 6300c scanner and that's where all my trouble started. I never got to do the disk cleanup or defrag.

Let me get something straight. I don't own a 3 in one printer and never have. I have never used the fax. I think it all came preloaded on my Hp Windows XP Media Center Eddition computer.

I saw Fax was checked under the Windows components add/remove, but I don't remember seeing it listed in the msconfig startup list. I have never used the fax either.

After this uninstall mess up in post 134280 “Subject: Fax msi no valid source found” which I had said in the other post;
Then I read a post some where else and went into the add/remove program and into the add remove windows components and removed the fax. I never use this anyway and thought that would make this problem go away, but it didn't. I've only used the disk cleanup tool once about 2 months ago, but I only cleaned up the check mark items.

I empty the temp internet files and the off line files everytime I close the internet down. I had already emptied all the temp files with the Internet options. I have never been in the settings folder before, but it looks pretty good. I don't want to delete my cookies yet because I just purchased airline tickets for someone and I don't think I want to mess those cookies up. I also had deleted everything in the delete bin before this trouble started. I am thinking that this Fax.msi is a folder that should be in with the HP folder items. I really have no clue though.

If I knew where this "Fax.msi" went, I could use the BROWSE option that this error gives me and place it in the correct folder by using a path. I just want it gone so I can shut down my computer correctly. How can I get it off my computer?

I can't find anything on about this problem that I have. But right now I still would like to know if I should do the disk cleanup and defrag or even just the defrag with the way things are now? And also more help with this mess?

I hope I answered both of your questions. Thanks.

I'm not ignorant, I just need more learning!

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May 17, 2005 at 12:00:24

Look here to find where the load command is coming from and delete it.

Program Load/Run Sources

1.HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run

2.HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunOnce

3.HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunServices

4.HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunServicesOnce

5.HKLM\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunOnce\Setup

6.HKCU\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run

7.HKCU\software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\RunOnce

8.StartUp folder in Start Progams folders in Documents and Settings\All Users & \username

9.Win.INI & System.INI

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May 18, 2005 at 01:03:23

Today I tried to run it again and I get this message; Error 1704 an installation for AiOSoftware is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by that installation to continue. So I clicked the yes button.

I ran the installation again and I got the error again that the fax.msi file couldn't be found. I also got a notice that said; error could not find program code.

I have done a lot of searching and have found out a little about a lot of things, but not enough to do anything about this problem.

I see that I have 2 msiexec running in my task list and I think it is from this installer program notices. Is it safe to do the end task on these and run my defrag safely?

I'm not ignorant, I just need more learning!

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May 18, 2005 at 15:11:09

Now that I am awake, last night was too tired to post this, but I think I know why msi thing is there but, I could be wrong and it could be from the system restore that I did. I only know mostly how to push buttons and I don't know much about how things work. I did find out that this msi thing is a windows installer program.

I think this problem is caused from something that hasn't been installed yet. I couldn't see anything in the regedit that had anything to so with the Fax ir msi nor anywhere else that was in the "Assistant" post above here.

A few days before this problem when I tried to uninstall the scanner and did the system restore, I had went to HP's site and downloaded a driver for my hp scanjet 6300c scanner because my computer couldn't find the one I had on my scanner install disk.

I couldn't see anything at HP's site on where to place the driver once it was downloaded and opened. It said to double click on it once it was downloaded to the desktop. I have no clue on downloading drivers.

Anyway, I downloaded it to my desktop and when I doubled clicked on it nothing would happen except an internet page would pop up and told me that that the page was no longer available. So I just left it there and figured that it was safe to leave and decided to uninstall the scanner from the add/remove.

I was going to try to uninstall the scanner then try to install this driver that was on my desktop afterwards. Then when I ran into all of this problems with uninstall and had done the system restore, that is when this Fax.msi showed up on my desktop.

So, right at this time I really want this question answered;

I see that I have 2 msiexec running in my task list and I think it is from this msi installer program. Is it safe to do the end task on these two and run my defrag safely?

I really need to defrag, but I don't want any more problem occuring from me trying to do something that I shouldn't do. Plus soon, need more help on getting rid of this msi on mt desktop so I can shut down the computer properly.

I'm not ignorant, I just need more learning!

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May 18, 2005 at 22:06:21

Hey! I just got the same problem. every tiem i turn on the pc, this message comes out "the feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable" and it trys to install the fax. i have tried all and nothing seems to work.

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May 22, 2005 at 09:58:56

I got this problem solved with that c:\hp\\tmp\aio\setup\fax\Fax.msi.

Go to the HP site then type in "gr_uninst.exe" without the quotes, in the search box on the top of the page.

Then click on the All-in-One Software Removal Utility (gr_uninst.exe) and download it to your desktop.

Open it and it will give you two install options. I used the first option.

Then after it installs there will be an icon on your desktop that says gr_uninst.exe. Just double click on it and run it. You will have to restart your computer after it is ran.

After you restart your computer this problem file will reappear, but the uninstall will want to access the internet. Let it access the internet. The problem file should dissapear after this. You are finished and it should be gone.

You can delete that downloaded gr_uninst.exe file now.

I'm not ignorant, I just need more learning!

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