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April 29, 2006 at 19:25:25
Specs: WinXP Home, AMD ATH 64 3000+ / 512MB
My boys insist on having their own "accounts" in Windows... meaning as different users they set up their desktops seperately, etc.
I also have the administrator account.

How can I install programs once and let them have shortcuts to them on their own accounts?

I know this probably a very simple answer, but I can't seem to find it.
If I right click on the game folders it says I can share that folder by dragging it to "shared documents"... I dont like the sound of this, is this how I do it?
I would like to share the "Program Files" folder between all users.

What they have done in one case is install the same game on each of their accounts, so Im assuming the game is installed twice on the PC. I have then told them to install them on my admin account and if they want to play them to just sign in as that user.

Im sure the answer is simple, thank you for any help.

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April 29, 2006 at 21:30:52
During the install of most new programs it will ask if you want to install for the current user or all users. All the "all users" setting does it put a shortcut to the program in the "all users" start menu. You can do this yourself manually after installing a program (or for one that doesnt give you an option by doing the following:

Open up the drive windows is installed on (usually c:)

Open up "Documents and Settings" and then the "All users" folder. Then open "start menu" and then "programs". Any shortcuts or folders in here will show up in the start menu of any user who is logged in. Al you have to do is create a shortcut to the game, and then put the shortcut in that folder.

-Ryan Adams

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