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October 6, 2005 at 00:56:15
Specs: Win XP Home SP2, 1GHz 256MB

I've got a 3 year old Sony Vaio laptop and would like to reinstall Windows XP Home Edition. The problem is when I insert my Sony Vaio OEM disks, they refuse to proceed since a code on the motherboard doesn't match up with the disk (my motherboard was replaced as part of an insurance claim 2 years ago).

So I wondered if I could source another copy of Windows XP Home, and install that on my laptop, but still use my laptop's original code from the Certificate of Authenticity?

Obviously this would omit some of the laptop software like battery management etc, but I'm not too worried about that if it means I get a clean Windows install.

Does this sound valid?

luckypingudog at

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October 6, 2005 at 01:16:52

I don't know specifically about Sony, but I've managed to reinstall other OEM systems using the same OEM disk with the systems' own cd keys - you'll need to know whether your key is for an original version, SP1, or SP2. Unfortunately, until you get to the CD key inputting stage you won't know whether or not it will work so back up beforehand.

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October 6, 2005 at 01:23:08

Hi there,

You currently have a single OEM license key that came with your Sony Viao laptop. If you sourced another copy of Windows XP, you would just be buying another license (key) and the installation media.

You could probably use the original OEM key, since you have kept it on the current laptop (one of the EULA's terms). However, it'd just be simpler to use the new key that comes with your new copy of Windows XP.

You can buy an OEM copy of Windows XP Home Edition in the US for about $100, you just have to search around. In the UK, it's about £60 (so equivalent).

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October 6, 2005 at 03:43:03

Contact sony and see what they have to say about the bios replacement. or look for the bios update for that motherboard as it may have the embedded information that you need to use your restore discs.

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October 6, 2005 at 06:14:45

Hi, i seem to be having the same problem as Jet with my EI System Laptop. I had to reinstall XP but when it goes through the instaling it gets to 33% and then comes up with a error message saying that extraction couldn't be processed. Any ideas please?


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October 6, 2005 at 07:38:19

HI Gareth,

Please do not post your own question in someone else's thread. Not only is this known as "thread hijacking," it also inconvenient the original author who is looking for as much help as you are. If you want help, you should start your own thread.


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October 6, 2005 at 16:05:40

Jet It would seem to me that you do not have a genuine Microsoft OEM disk. I do not mean to imply that it is pirated, but instead it is Sony's own creation of an OEM disk. I would suggest that if you went out and purchased the proper Microsoft OEM disk, you would find that it will be a snap to install. There are no codes that match your motherboard on original OEM disks. They are all the same and all that you require is your own CD key used for your original installation. Sony, like some other vendors do strange things with these so called reinstallation disks.

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October 9, 2005 at 17:22:08

Thank you everyone for your input. This is very interesting - terii I am now very frustrated at Sony after reading your post - not only is it rude of them to include a code, but they've also stupidly not rematched the code when repairing my laptop (it was repaired at an offical Sony store). I have since contacted Sony about this and they have said I have to return the Vaio and disks to them to re-code. The problem is I now live 400km from the nearest store and will have to pay freight charge.

At least this will be cheaper than purchasing a new XP pack. But very, very frustrating.

Again, thank you all for your insights. Frustrating, but interesting none the less!

luckypingudog at

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