reformatting BUT KEEPING FILES

February 17, 2005 at 19:17:48
Specs: xp pro, athlonxp/256

I hate having to reformat every time i get a virus that crashes my PC, so i was wondering how do i keep my current files and documents while still cleaning my reformatting the rest of my pc. And NOT the repair way when you reformat, because that never seems to work for me. So if there is anyone out there that can help with my monthly problem. PLEASE help me.

Thank You.

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February 17, 2005 at 19:23:51

if you still have acces to the comp then make another partition and put ur files there and format the primary partion that contains ur windows...

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February 17, 2005 at 19:30:00

Great advice by nick, but your best bet will always be to add antivirus security to your list of priorities. There are several freeware antivirus solutions out there, maybe its worth looking into. As for the files, back them up regularly.

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February 17, 2005 at 19:33:59

If you save off the things you want to keep, scan the crap out of them. Use several virus cleaner programs. When you're for sure certin they are clean then and only then return them to the new os install.
If you're not running a anti viral program while online and you open junk mail, then you are simply asking for it. Peer to peer networks are another source of deep stinky trouble. You have to keep your guard up...

I may be crazy, but I'm not stupid...

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February 17, 2005 at 19:57:50

As nick suggests, the obvious way is to keep that sort of stuff on a different drive or at least a different partition but the real answer is drive imaging.

You should consider using something like Ghost, Acronis or Drive Image to make regular images of your drive that way if you get a serious problem you can restore from a backup image and be back in business in minutes.

It has to be said though that the real issue here is that if you are having virus problems which demand you reformat on a monthly basis then something is drastically lacking in your PC's defences and you should address this immediately.

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February 17, 2005 at 20:30:15

Good advice all round, what you can also do is use the XP cd to reload the operating system without formatting the hard drive.

9.9 times out of 10 it is the systems files which get infected.

If you do a normal clean install of XP by booting from the cd rom, you will follow the normal install procedure right up to the time it asks you is you wish to install windows using the current folder.

If you chose yes all the XP install will do is replace the operating systems files only.

All other information will remain on the hard drive. But you will need to reinstall all the updates patches and programs again.

If the hard rive is large enough it is always advisable to partition the drive.

Keep the important files on the last partition for safety. As XP is NTFS format you can delete the entire C or perhaps D partition, change their size etc. And as long as you don't touch the E partition your important data will still be there.

Hope that is of some additional help to you.



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February 17, 2005 at 23:42:50

In addition to what Beta said, invest your time (not money) in looking for/downloading an anti-virus program. AVG Free Edition is my personal choice. I highly recommend it and it's highly free. Your PC probably is able to be saved man. Get AVG and run it. E-mail me any time if you need something. Peace.

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