PCI Input Device

July 7, 2005 at 09:46:09
Specs: Win XP, Xeon 3.2/1 gb Ram

Hello I don't have any sound in my computer. When I go to Device Manager I have yellow mark that says PCI INPUT DEVICE . Recently I've changed my graphic card. I used to have 128mb Nvidia Quadro FX 500 but now I have 256mb ATI X800 Pro. After I've changed my graphic card, this problem occured. I have one more yellow mark in network adapters which is 1394 Network Adapter. Normally I have two of 1394 Network adapter and they both works fine but with this problem one of em has yellow mark on it . Something is really wrong with my computer.

And one thing, When I reinstall my sound card drivers I fix the problem but after a day or two this problem occurs again and I have to reinstall the drivers to fix this sound problem.. Can anyone help me about this?

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July 7, 2005 at 13:41:40

I assume you are talking about a Dell Desktop PC. Can you please post its entire name, i.e. Model and Series? This will give us an idea about the original hardware configuration when it was sent out from the factory. You did not mention the make and model of your Sound Card. Did you install any PCI Sound Card or did the PC come with a PCI sound card or only an onboard Sound?

Next question is about Network Adapter.

Do you have any Home Network? Do you connect to the Internet through a Broadband ISP like DSL or Cable or still using Dial-Up service. If you have broadband tell us if you had to install a Network Interface Card or the PC came with one. If so What is its Make and Model
1394 Network Adapter is a FireWire adapter. the one with the ! on its side needs a Driver. Again your System SPECS would have helped me to be more specific.

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July 8, 2005 at 10:07:42

Thanks for quick reply. I have "Dell Precision 650" which is a workstation. I have sound blaster Audigy 2 cd came with dell computer but the strange thing is when I look into device manager I see SoundMax Integrated Digital Audio. but like I say when I reinstall my sound blaster audigy 2 drivers I fix the problem. But after restarting my computer The problem occures again.

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July 8, 2005 at 10:53:16

You said when you reinstall your audigy2 drv the problem is fixed.

In that case before restarting go and recheck te Devie Manager.

You should see your Sound Blater Drv in the Audiovideo and game controllersgroup.You might agai see soundMax also.

In the above case,RIGHT- click SoundMax>disable
close DM
Reboot and see.

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July 13, 2005 at 03:11:02

Thank you very much maadhurimn. I did what you told me and sound problem is fixed. but in Device Manager under the other drivers I still have yellow question mark which is a "PCI Input Device". Now everything seems working in my computer. Like I say I change my graphic card from 128 mb Nvidia Quadro FX to 256 mb ATI X 800 Pro. After the change, This PCI Input Device problem occured.

And one more thing in network adapters 1394 Net Adapter #3 still has exclamation mark. When this computer came to me from Dell I had two network adapters working perfectly but now one of em has exclamation mark on it.

note: In network adapters menu I have three things

1) 1394 Net adapter #2 - Working properly

2) 1394 Net adapter #3 - Device Can not start Code 10. Also has yellow exclamation mark.

3) Intel(R) PRO/1000 MTW Network Connection -Working Properly

Thank you for your helps and everythings..

Hey I have the same problem but I also have question mark in network adapter which is 1394 Net adapter. Normally I have two of 1394 Net Adapter because I have Dell Workstation Precision 650. When this

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