Orange/Green Tower Light, Errors

February 28, 2006 at 21:23:37
Specs: Windows XP Pro, Pent IV = 1.4ghz / 786 RD
specs: Pent4 1.4ghz, 768 RDram, antec 430watt (computer was purchased in 2001, the new power supply was purchased in 2002 and has been working til this month [4 so years])/ati 9600 pro/5 pci slots used - usb card, tv tuner, soundcard, ata card, ethernet card/ 5 hard drives

About a month ago, My computer would boot up to an "testing monitor signal". I would then power down, wait, power up. (green light on tower) The computer would be functioning normally. Then a week later, I would have the same problem, but powering down did not help. (noticed orange/green light)I unplugged a hard drive, and I boot up successfully. (maybe power problem? hmmm...)

Now I have a problem where the computer boots up to an orange/green light w/ 'testing monitor signal' ~ I'd figure it would be a power supply problem... took it to compusa and tested the POWER; NO Problem w/ Power Supply.

Now I'm guessing with computer parts; I started to boot up with less ram /switching around ram sockets. Same problem. I took all the PCI cards out. Same Problem. I took out the video card and booted with another card. Same problem. I have to fix this out of warranty computer soon... I'm using a 333mhz.

*computer boots up, monitor is in testing mode, the fans inside are spinning as well as the C: (i see green lights on the bottom flashing, its okay), the mother board has its small green light on, Everthing looks like its working.

** tech guys said it might be the power supply (orange light)
** tech guys said it might be the motherboard and bringing it in would be around $200-$400 just to 'look at it.'
** new mother board costs $150.
** computer boots with no beeps
*** problem: computer doesnt boot properly

any ideas to fix the problem? anyone else have simular problem?


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February 28, 2006 at 23:30:18
If you switched video cards and still experience the same thing...I would look to replacing the monitor.
That is why the monitor testing signal!

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