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November 3, 2009 at 21:17:24
Specs: Windows XP
Hi folks

I have a list of almost 1000 + machines and I need to find out which of the machines, do not have this feature, "Install Files for complex script and right to left languages", enabled in Control Panel-Regional and Language Options.

Is there specific file or registry entry, that is installed if this feature enabled ?

Please let me know your suggestions. Thanks

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November 4, 2009 at 04:05:19
I tried the setting "Install Files for complex script and right to
left languages". I found by creation date the following files are
created in "\Windows\system32" after it is enabled:

Thawbrkr.dll, kbdarmw.dll, kbdarme.dll, kbdgeo.dll,
kbdinkan.dll, kbdintel.dll, kbdinguj.dll, kbdinpun.dll,
kbdinhin.dll, kbdinmar.dll, kbdintam.dll, kbdindev.dll,
c_iscii.dll, kbdvntc.dll, kbdsyr2.dll, kbdsyr1.dll, kbddiv2.dll,
kbddiv1.dll, kbdurdu.dll, kbdfa.dll, kbdusa.dll, kbda3.dll,
kbda2.dll, kbda1.dll, C_28596.NLS, c_10004.nls, c_864.nls,
c_708.nls, c_720.nls, kbdheb.dll, c_10005.nls, c_862.nls,
kbdth3.dll, kbdth2.dll, kbdth1.dll, kbdth0.dll, c_10021.nls,

I have written a small batch file for you that does the job of checking whether some of those files exist. I checked that it works in XP and Windows 7. Please see for
yourself if it works for you :)

Save the below as anything.bat. See comments for details.

Edit: the lines may be too long to be shown correctly here, so I posted it in pastebin too:

@echo off & setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

:: ****************************************************************
:: Batch: Remote File Existence Check
:: Creation Date: 4th Nov 2009
:: By: mixty dot hk at gmail dot com
:: Supported OS: 2K/XP/Vista/7
:: Description: This batch checks a specified list of computers for
:: specified files. It outputs a specified .CSV file
:: containing "Computer Name","Result"

:: "Result" can be any of the following:
:: "Yes" -- All files are found
:: "No" -- One/all of the file is/are not found
:: "Error" -- Error mapping network drive

:: Ensure you're running this as a domain administrator
:: or a user with enough access right to any specified
:: computers' admin$ share.

:: Usage: See below
:: ****************************************************************

:: specify a file containing computer (names or IP), one on each line
set compFile=c:\computers.txt

:: specify output file
set output=c:\results.csv

:: specify error log
set error=c:\error.log

:: specify a drive to be mapped (must be unused locally)
set tempDrive=x:

:: specify 2 files to check for existence
set file1=Thawbrkr.dll
set file2=kbdurdu.dll

:: specify the remote share to be connected
:: e.g. where the files to be checked reside
set share=admin$\system32

:: specify any additional parameter for NET USE (default: empty)
set anyParameter=

type nul>%error%
echo "Computer Name","Results">"%output%"
net use %tempDrive% /del /y>>nul 2>>&1

for /f %%i in (%compFile%) do (
echo.&echo :: Currently checking %%i&echo.
net use %tempDrive% \\%%i\%share% %anyParameter%>>nul 2>>%error%
if !errorlevel! NEQ 0 (
echo "%%i","Error">>"%output%"
echo :: There was an error accessing "%%i" >>%error%
) else (
pushd %tempDrive%>nul 2>&1
@if exist %file1% (
@if exist %file2% (
echo "%%i","Yes">>"%output%"
) else (
echo "%%i","No">>"%output%"
) else (
echo "%%i","No">>"%output%"
net use %tempDrive% /del /y>>nul 2>>&1

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