I really need some help please! Reinstalling.

Microsoft Windows xp professional editio...
October 26, 2009 at 15:27:32
Specs: Windows XP Pro
Hi everyone,

I feel like a complete dummy and I am hoping someone can help me out there without me having to bring my computer in.

Ok, I will provide as much info as I can. It might take a bit of space here.

I had unassembled my computer two months ago due to a move. Yesterday, I hooked up the computer, attached the keyboard, mouse, speakers. The computer would start, come to the blue Windows screen and then reboot. This went on for a few more tries.

I then inserted my Windows XP Pro CD (with SP2) and reinstalled the CD over what was already there. I remember it asking me if I wanted to do something with the Windows Folder (warning me that I may lose My Documents), but I declined and asked for it to be set up in Windows2 folder.

The set up went perfectly and I was able to get back into my computer. Not sure if this is relevant, but the only problem was there was no volume icon in the task bar. I came to this site last night and found a way to fix it. That also worked.

I can kick myself now because although I was able to get into the computer last night, I did not do a backup. I was just ever so grateful that it worked. So I shut it down and went to bed.

This morning, I turned on the computer and to my shock, there was an error.

The file C:\windows2\system32\c_1252.nls is missing or corrupt.

Again, I tried to find a solution on here but I far from a techie and some of the steps I tried would not work.

And so I went back to try to reinstall Windows from the CD. I did everything as last night except that when I was at the blue screen showing the steps and progress of the installation, it was four hours into it and it would not install.

I am currently doing a scndsk /r right now, but I am only at 51% and it has been running for an hour.

Please, please try to help me. I was so foolish not to have done a backup on all my documents/photos/music last night, thinking everything would be okay today.

If I have not provided the necessary information, please let me know and I will do so. I may need help in locating the info that you need.

Best regards,


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October 26, 2009 at 18:15:00
Wow, I thought someone would have replied to me by now. It looks as if my post was skipped because the ones after me are all attended to.

I was finally able to get into the computer, however one user profile is missing, with all its documents. Is there any way I can retrieve that user profile?

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