How to store on CD R, CD RW

May 21, 2005 at 11:24:36
Specs: pentium III, 256

I have always used floppies to store pictures and data. Now I have a PC with CD burner. I bought both the CD R and the CD RW. I don't know how to use either one properly. I understand you can only use the CD R one time. I thought you could store something on the CD RW and then add to it later. So how can I store more than one file at a time? Can I add to the CD RW?These are elemental questions but I do need help.

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May 21, 2005 at 11:35:54

You can just "drag and drop" or "cut and paste" to save stuff the same way you do with a floppy. You can add files later to both a CDRW and CDR (if you don't finalize the disk). The difference is that you can delete some or all files on a CDRW, not so with a CDR.

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May 21, 2005 at 13:42:24

You may have to format the CDRW first to use it like a floppy. Like response 1 said, a CDR is more or less a final recording but if you set it up so it doesn't finalize the disc, you may add things to it untill it's full and then make sure to finalize it.

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May 21, 2005 at 15:32:48

Look here Maude -

also here -;en-us;306319

You may want to invest in some third party software like Roxio or Nero

Did your pc not come with third party software already installed or supplied?

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May 22, 2005 at 14:27:02

The difference between a cd-r and cd-rw is once you put data on a cd-r you can't erase, and over write the spot where the data was. With a cd-rw disk you can erase the whole disk and start over again with the program built into Windows XP.
If you use the standard programs like the one on XP (which by the way, is made by roxio) or Nero or Roxio, to burn data on cd-r or cd-rw the program will write it like a track on a audio cd. If you don't finalize the cd media you will be able to put it in and write to it again (it will make a second track and third track next time and so on).
If you want to use it totally like a floppy where you can drag files to it and delete other files from it without erasing the whole disk you will have to get what they call a "packet writing" program. You will also have to use cd-rw media. Examples of packet writing programs are "INCD" or "Direct Cd". INCD is included with Nero and Direct Cd is included with Roxio, most of them anyways. If you buy a dvd drive or cd drive and it comes with nero or roxio it might not have the packet writing programs on there make sure you read before you buy. These packet writing programs will make it a true drag and drop environment.
I believe that Direct cd will allow you to use cd-r media but you will not be able erase old files on the media and write over them. It will allow you to erase the reference to them so it looks like the old file isn't there but it will not free up the disk space on the cd-r. INCD will only let you use cd-rw media.
I think there are a couple of other packet writing programs out there but I have never tried them.

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