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April 6, 2005 at 21:37:49
Specs: windows XP, Pentium 4, 586K

I attempted to post in response to a message posted in 2004 and couldn't because that was too old. So I am starting a new thread.

So, I have been using free hotmail for about 10 years. Last week I developed a problem where the pages do not load correctly and the links on the page do not work. I can see what messages are in my inbox, but when I click (or even just hover) over a message, it doesn't do anything (but give me an error message). Also when the page loads, in the bottom bar where it will usually say "done" mine says "error on page".

I get two different pop up error messages:

(1) 'menuObj' is undefined
(2) object expected

This problem only happens on my own laptop (so what is wrong with my computer???). The account seems fine when I log in on other computers. I can't think of anything I did on my computer last week to create this problem. One odd thing is that a couple of times it has worked briefly (like long enough to read 5 to 10 messages) and then gone back to error messages. I can't identify any reason for that either. I contacted hotmail help for advice, and the tech recommended the following (which did not work for me, but might help someone else!). OK, and I skipped the direction to list all 3d party software, as I am not sure what is meant by 3d party software or where to list it.

1. Click the "Refresh" button on your Internet Explorer and wait for the page to fully load

2. Set your browser to check for newer versions of stored pages:
a. From the "Tools" menu, select “Internet Options”
b. On the General tab, click "Settings"
c. Under "check for newer versions of stored pages", select "Every visit to the page"
d. Click "OK"

3. Verify that your browser's cookies are enabled:
a. Click "Tools" from your browser's menu, then click "Internet Options"
b. Click "Privacy" Tab, then click the "Advanced" button
c. Mark the checkbox beside "Override Automatic Cookie Handling"

4. Lower your "Security" settings:
a. On the "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options"
b. Click "Security"
c. Click "Default Level"
d. Verify that the slider is set to "Medium”. If it is not, move the slider to "Medium" by clicking on it and moving your cursor to the appropriate direction

e. Click "OK"

5. Enable all ActiveX controls and plug-in:
a. From the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options"
b. On the Security tab, select "Internet".
c. Click the "Custom Level" button
d. From the "Security Settings" dialog box, under "ActiveX Controls and plug-ins" select "Enable" except for "Download unsigned ActiveX controls". For this selection choose either "Disable" or "Prompt"

6. Enable Java scripts:
a. Click Tools, then click on Internet Options
b. Click the Security tab
c. Click the Custom Level button, scroll to the Scripting section. Under Active scripting allow paste operations via script, and Scripting of Java applets, check Enable

d. Click OK

7. I also recommend that you install the latest Windows updates. To find out what updates your system may need, please visit the link given below:

If steps 1-7 didn’t work, I suggest that you please restore your browser’s default settings and list all the 3rd party software installed in your computer, if there is any.

To restore your browser’s default settings:
a. On the "Tools" menu, click "Internet Options"
b. Click "Programs"
c. Click "Reset Web Settings"
d. Select the "Also reset my home page" check box
e. Click "Yes"
f. Click "OK"

I sent in another request to the tech but they haven't responded (cynical comment in case they ever google for people talking about error messages they get within hotmail! Sorry, I just need to gripe!). My software automatically clears the cache and deletes the cookies every day...I tried the F5 and that didn't help either. I am super annoyed as the hotmail account is useless from my laptop, and I will have to convert my contacts and all my friends and lists over to another address if I can't fix this soon.

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April 7, 2005 at 00:12:36

umm similar problem i had a long time ago try removing temp files cookies and such could have computer clutter unallowing browser to load on comp i suppose
try that

Wondering what you did wrong happens only when its too late

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April 26, 2005 at 10:33:47

Windows Update has the problem at the same time Hotmail has the problem. Windows Update will load but give an error message. Follow this link to fix the issue.;en-us;813442

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