Hard-Disk Read/Write Error

Asus P4S-800 WD 250GB 720
June 25, 2006 at 02:12:17
Specs: XP-Pro SP2, P4 3.0 1024 DDR 400

recently after restarting my system my computer hung on a black screen right after the windows xp was finished booting. My computer would not get to the login screen any longer so i proceeded to format my xp partition.

After the format, all was well, however, after a few windows updates, windows started to give my warnings as tens if not hundreds of windows files would become corrupt and unreadable after a simple restart of the computer. After restarting, most files needed by the o/s were corrupt and i needed to format again.

After several formats, at last, all went well and my computer was back to normal.

A few days passed and after restarting today the black screen was back!

The hard drive is practically new, western digital caviar, 250 GB split into a 50 GB partition for xp and 200 for my media.

The hard drive seems to be working fine, im gussing either my motherboard or some other component is producing errors to corrupt the data on the disk.

Heres a clue that i have found out. On my 200 GB partition, and only on this partition, any file or files moved from one directory to another, (not copied) are instantly lost and indefinatly unrecoverable. The moved file becomes unreadable, undeletable and the only part of the file left is the file name.

This does not seem to be apparant for the C:\ (windows) partition.

Another thing, at times i am able to boot into xp luckily, and at others, just a black screen.

I have already eliminated the O/S or any other software as the cause of this problem.

Is this problem most likely from my hard-drive or motherboard/other components, and if its from the hard-drive, would formatting all my partitions and dumping my files back after help or not.

Thank You

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June 25, 2006 at 08:57:45
Have you run the WD diagnose program? Available from the website. I have had problems with some of the large WD drives the last couple years.


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June 25, 2006 at 10:51:45
I wonder if it's got anything to do with the '48 bit lba' limitation. I think that I would try splitting up the drive 50-100-100 and see what happens.

You could also run a memory test.
Memtest has an ISO for creating a CD

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