downloaded activex controls

August 7, 2008 at 06:08:11
Specs: WinXP Pro SP2 MCE 2005, 2.8G.B. Dual Core 3 Gigs
Going thru my managed add ons in I.E. 7.0 I noticed a couple of activex controls that did not look like anything related to any application I may have installed or downloaded ? I will give you one example OneCCCtl Class / OneCC.dll, I googled it and recieved a page of hits on the search ! Howevr when I went thru them they mostly where people listing their log files on entires in their browser ,none of the search results directly discussed this piticular activex control ? Iam curious if anyone can give me information on this a a few others I have SysProWmi Class-SysPro.ocx and Clear Adjust.dll I have Norton internet security suite and all my difinitions are up to date ,also have Windows Defender installed ! In my event viewer one day in June someone was trying to gain access to my PC repeatly trying to hack into it ,however they where unseccessful at trying to guess a password to gain access. I believe becasue my system is not on a network that also hampered the attempts and getting into my PC ? However now that I have seen this attempt at hacking into my PC ,I have removed any personal information, backed it up to a externial drive that I do not keep attached to PC when online ! Any comments or help reguarding the activex controls I listed would be greatly appreciated !
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August 7, 2008 at 06:59:19
>> I believe becasue my system is not on a network that also hampered the attempts and getting into my PC ?<<

Just a little, pratically impossible. In fact in those circumstances the only way anyone is going to get into your computer is if they sit down in front of it which is probably where the items in event viewer came from.

If you are not on a network Norton Internet Security is a little superfluous don't you think.

If you are connected to the Internet with a modem plugged directly into your computer then you are on a network and you are more vulnerable than if you were on a Local Area Network working through a router.

See of you can find OneCC.inf see what is inside that.


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August 7, 2008 at 07:43:16
Go into Manage Add-ons and delete them.
If you need them then the next time you visit the site that required them then you will be prompted to reinstall it/them.


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