Computer lags up for no reason?

December 29, 2005 at 08:07:51
Specs: Windows XP Home, SP2, 2.53Ghz/992mb ram

This has been happening for as long as I can remember (in terms of this
PC's life) but basically... It seems like my computer lags up if,
well.. Seemingly for no reason.

I've noticed that whenever I do anything on this PC, after a while my
CPU usage goes high for no reason. Programs begin to lag and it doesn't
go away until I restart my computer.

It's been known to do this when using any programs. It happened just
now when I was ripping a CD. It often happens when I play games (not
always off CDs) and sometimes it happens when I'm just listening to
music... Or even in Firefox.

I think it might be somethnig to do with my graphics/video card. I've
noticed it lags a lot when I use Flash MX, or watch Flash movies. And
also it lags up when playing games, which is very graphic intense.

I don't know... I'm pretty sure it's not a ram issue. I've just
installed two fresh sticks or 512mb ram and it still happens.
I'm running a 2.53Ghz PC with Windows XP, SP2... If that helps.

Anyone got any ideas?
And no, it's not a spyware/adware problem.

PS. Another thing (I consider to be significant) is that when I plug in
my headphones I can hear when my computer starts to lag. When it's
lagging there's a very high pitched noise, which 'twitches' when I
start doing things on the PC.

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December 29, 2005 at 10:34:55

Hi:Just Curious what Type of Firewall /antivirus are you Running ?
A lags Problem Related to so many thing also the Cpu usage @ 100 level or so means that there is Something Running in the Background & use a heavy Resources
Anyhow:A whole bunch of stuff you can do. Run through all of
the following and get back to us:

1. Get AdAware (from Lavasoft) and Spybot. Install both, update
them both, then run them both three times. Full scan on the first scan, and then Smart Scan thereafter with the AdAware.

2. Go to Start - Run - (then type in this:) %temp%. Delete
everything here except the latest file; Windows won't let you
remove it anyway.

3. Go to Windows - Temp and delete everything here except the
latest file.

3a. Also, go to Windows - Prefetch and delete everything here.

3b. Go to Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs and get rid of
the stuff you don't use anymore.

4. Get Diskeeper ($20) and defrag your machine. If the $20 is
a problem you can use the DeFrag native to XP
(it's Diskeeper Lite), but it doesn't do as good a job.

5. "BUY" a good Registry clean-up app (the free ones are not
as aggressive in compacting). I think REGISTRY FIX is
the best; and make sure you register the program within
itself, otherwise you won't get the full scan. Run the
scan twice to get out all the thousands of pieces of crap
that have accumulated over the last three years.

6. Right click your "C" drive; go to Properties - Tools - Error Checking. Check off both Disk Options and then "Start". XP now wants to boot to run this program. Let it! Go have your favorite beverage while it works. It might take up to an hour.

The programs I suggested to buy you will use the rest of
your computer life to keep your Windows XP clean and tight.
They are worth it.

Good luck!!!!!

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December 29, 2005 at 10:44:25

I did most of them things. I know it's not down to Spyware/adware.
Though I do think it's a CPU problem.
I searched my Processor's Driver (intelppm.sys) on Google and the result at the top seems very similar to my problem.
I might try that solution and see if it helps. For all I know, this might not have happened before I got SP2... (Unless my comp came with SP2 - can't remember)

Thanks for the help anyway. I'll try some of the steps I haven't done ;)

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