Computer Failing to Start

July 2, 2005 at 19:30:57
Specs: Windows XP Proffesional S, P4 3.0 GHz / 512 MB DDR 4

Okay, recently when I start my computer my monitor will stay in 'Standby' mode (orange light) and wont go to active (greenlight) and therefore, won't show any screen at all, complete black.
It usually worked after I hit the restart button on my computer, but yesterday it didn't. So I grabbed another monitor, plugged that in, and it worked.

Well now, this morning when I went to turn it on I had the same problem as before, the screen wouldn't display. As this was with the second monitor I started to panic.

First thing I did was take out my video card(GeForce 3 Ti200), if the same fault happened with 2 monitors i thought it must be my old video cards problem (and i was going to buy a new video card soon anyway). Grabbing my first monitor (which had the better display) I plugged it into my onboard video (GIGABYTE 865G 800FSB GT 2004 Edition is my motherboard).

This didn't work and i still got no display.
Help. I recently upgraded [4 months ago](motherboard, processor, PSU, new RAM) and don't have any large sums of money left over to buy these parts all over again.
It isn't my PSU(400 watt) failing to provide power, as I checked my second monitor which plugs into a power point directly and it still didn't work.
Thanks in advance.

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July 2, 2005 at 20:24:10

I wonder how many times this question has been asked and answered before?

Just because your other monitor gets it's power directly from an external outlet does not mean your PC Powersupply is not faulty.

Back to basics.

Do you get any POST beep when you try to powerup? To get a succesful POST you need only Powersupply, CPU with heatsink fan connected, 1 stick ram, graphics (In your case try the onboard)and keyboard.

Take out extra ram, any PCI/AGP cards, disconnect all drives including floppy and CDROMs. Unplug both the power and data cablefs from the drives. Can you get it to POST and display? If not then one or more of the PSU, CPU,Motherboard or RAM is faulty.Unfortunately if it will not post in barebones mode there is no easy way to identify which item is bad. you may need to take it to a tech to test each component. If it will boot then re-connect the other devices one at a time (power off during the connecting process) and restart after each is added until the culprit is identified.

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