CD-RW Drive Not Reading Any Discs

October 10, 2005 at 21:40:33
Specs: Windows XP, 640

My CD-RW Drive is not reading any discs of any format or size. I use 2 CD/DVD Drives. After using Nero Express to burn a small .rar file (which failed due to Nero not responding) I restarted Nero Express and tried to burn the file again. However when I inserted a new blank disc it said PLEASE INSERT A WRITABLE BLANK DISC or something like that. Now I have reinstalled drivers and rebooted and did registry repairs and virus scan and trojan/spyware scans. I have two drives for media CD's.

1. E: HP CD-Writer +9100 [the problem]
2. F: Hitachi GD - 2000 [not a burner but reads DVD's and all CD's]

My disc works in other computers and I've burnt on the same brand CDRW on different computers. This is a serious problem becuase I am a student and this is my main computer. Nero has to be the problem but there must be some external way to fix it outside of Nero Customer Support. I am looking for someone who knows about registry files and the possible error not a person who is going to question the lens dust or IDE cable. The cable is connected and power is on and my lens is clean.

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October 11, 2005 at 00:43:06

Josh Castillo, purely SWAG, since other machines can read the disks, that says they're burning O.K. Sounds to me like you need to broaden the file types that're acceptable. Could be that the filetypes have been altered to some proprietary type and it simply can't recognize what you're using??? Dunno for sure.
Ed in Texas.

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October 11, 2005 at 09:30:32

Josh Castillo,

So you have a problem with your HP CD-Writer +9100 in not being able to burn brands of CD-Rs that you were able to record previously in the same HP device? You are also unable to read CD's previously recorded in that same Device?

You are able to Read the CD's recorded previously in the HP CD-DVD burnner if you run them in your Hitachi GD2000- DVD-ROM drive?

What type of Registry Repairs you have already done?

If you have made sure that the registry is not corrupted by having entries that the DVD-ROM drive is a Burner and the CD-RW drive is a ROM drive, I suggest you try for a Firmware install for your HP CD-Writer+9100
Take a look at:

HP CD-Writer Plus Drives - Firmware Update Available for the 9100, 9110 and 9200, 9210 Drives


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