Cannot type in field box

August 20, 2005 at 19:23:14
Specs: XP Home, 993 MB

I was working on my aunt's PC, and I had a situation that occured & has happened a few times in the past.

I open google & I'm able to type in the field box and search. Also, I can highlight text. Within a minute or so, I loose all ability to type in the box or highlight text. What's strange is that I just finally got this thing restored, and I'm having the same problem she was having on her emachine. A few times at other people's house I have noticed the same thing on occasion.

You can, however, close the window most times & re-opn it, and then you regain the ability again for a minute.

I'm not sure if it's just google or not, but so far, all of the text boxes on this page are typing in, and I can highlight text just fine.

If you have any idea of what might cause this problem, please let me know.


Ok, so I opened google in another instance while posting this, and for a while I was about to think everything was cleared up, but yes! Now, I cannot type in any fields or highlight any text on that page whatsoever! The only means of getting the text into the box is to right-click & click Select All and go arrows or Home/End to get the cursor into the box. These boxes are clickable. I finally clicked on a link to open it in another window, loosing this one, but could that have something to do with it? Cookie related perhaps or some type of timeout? My preferences with google have it set to open in New Window.

Anyway, I was just at awe how the same thing was effecting my aunt's PC & how I cannot seem to come up with any search results that point to that problem.

I'll stop



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August 20, 2005 at 19:49:15

Sorry for the long message, but I just wanted to add something:

The problem seems to carry over to the next page & so on. I am now unable to type without the Select All means here. Once this starts, each link has this problem using that same open window.

If anyone can help -pweese do:)



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August 21, 2005 at 09:40:19

Sometimes I get the same problem here, when trying to help people. The field box that I am typing in, or want to type in, would remove the typing cursor and I would be unable to type. I would have to Reload the web page.

My opinion is that the problem here is that it may be related to the loading of "Sponsored Link"(the doubled underlined words that have an advertisement appear when the mouse arrow is on the words).

In order to prevent or stop the loading of such links, I hit the ESC key on the keyboard.

I do not use Google, so I do not know.

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August 21, 2005 at 21:20:21

Thanks. Since last night, I haven't noticed the problem. I just restored the PC and hadn't run any Windows system scans but ran spyware & other misc. paranoia stuff.

As much as I want to attribute the cause to a disk error, the same thing was happening on my aunt's emachine that I was working on "here". Then again, there's a chance the problem is not over - haven't been surfing much today.

Mostly I prompt everything on sites I'm not familiar with & do not trust, but I have been surfing on google (my home page) & this site (my favorite forum), and I have "never" had any problems like this but once in a blue moon. Like you, usually, reloading the page works, but last night? Nothing helped... As long as you surfed from that open window, and to every site that page takes you to, you lose the ability to highlight text & type in the boxes. Shift+left-mouse-clicker gets you into the box too.

Anyway, thanks for replying. Maybe it's all over now...hopefully:)

Nighty night...


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