Bro MFC240C scanning problem

Compaq Presario
March 10, 2007 at 10:00:47
Specs: XP Home 2002 SP2, 1.5GHz/512MB
when trying to scan from Brother's ControlCenter3 console or device itself displays "Scanning failed... CC3-205-03031f02" Actually any attempt from console fails. Bundled PaperPort 9.0 SE displays "Unable to communicate with the twain device". USB connection; Norton personal firewall (disabling firewall does not solve). Have un-installed/re-installed.
Previous Bro MFC9100 worked OK. Bro website no help.

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March 10, 2007 at 12:34:25
I don't have a Brother device. However, years ago, I had an HP scanner that used to have very similiar error messages.

When installing the program, I had to go to one folder and move a file from that folder to another folder because the program was installing the file in the wrong folder. It took me forever to find my answer, so once I did, I wrote it down and put it in with my installation software because I had to do that every time I reinstalled that device or Windows.

Does the Brother website have a help forum that you could research using variations of your wording? How about Googling with variations of your wording?

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March 10, 2007 at 12:36:43
Also, try posting this over in the Hardware Forum. Someone there might be able to help you faster since that forum is concentrating on hardware issues.

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March 10, 2007 at 13:06:14
AKBessy-You haven't dealt with Brother techsupport, I gather--it's a rather large vacuumous hole. Don't like to ask a question that's already been answered so I tried several search engines with variations of question. One hit had suggested the firewall was blocking without discribing what to unblock, hence tried to dis-able firewall.
Thanks for the suggestion to post on General Hardware...will try there.

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Related Solutions

March 10, 2007 at 20:25:28
peteo, I googled using the words, ""Unable to communicate with the twain device"" and came up with some viable solutions.

Here is one link and what was said there.

"Don wrote:

"I have a nagging problem,I have not been able to resolve. When using

PaperPort V9 and try to scan an image, I always get the error "Unable to

communicate with the TWAIN device". The scanner works fine with all other

programs so I don't think the issue is with the scanner. I am running

Windows XP Pro..."

The error message "Unable to communicate with the TWAIN device" when trying
to scan with PaperPort is a known issue. In most cases it is caused by
scanning with PaperPort using an HP scanner and then trying to use another
brand of scanner. I have been unable to scan with my Brother for many
months now. The problem is a ScanSoft issue, as this only occurs with
PaperPort and OmniPage.

Sadly, ScanSoft tech support ranges from incompetent to indifferent.


Go to the Adaptec web site, and download the ASPI components
for Windows XP.

Windows 98/ME included these items, Windows XP does not.
They are the software "layer" used in driving the SCSI bus,
but just *may* be used for other purposes by some vendors."

"Did you re-run the scanner wizard in PaperPort. Use the Advanced option and
use the other option for scanner interface. (there are two). One option may
work better, you have to try both.

"Look for "scaninit.exe" it's in the paper port directory (I think) run it
and it re initialises the scanner, that always seem to fix mine up

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