bios cannot detect hdd

compaq presario v3839tu
October 4, 2008 at 21:56:20
Specs: xp sp2, intel core 2 duo/ 1gig
Hi guys, I have recently tried to re-install my n/book using xp sp2 cd. Unluckily i couldn't make it since it cannot detect my hdd. I 've download the sata driver from the website ( compaq) but it is not works. The system loading the driver but when it is time to install xp in C, the message appeared " windows coannot detect any ide or hdd " or something sounds like that. Anybody please to help me to solve my problem? For information, I use Compaq presario v3000. in bios it stated v3700. At the bottom back, stated v3839tu.


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October 5, 2008 at 07:08:42
There is two different things here that need to be clarified...
1) you enter the BIOS (set-up) by pressing a specific key when the computer first starts. This is usually the F1. F2, Del or some other specific key.

a)While in the BIOS does the harddrive show up?

b)Do you have the correct setting for the drive to, RAID, IEDE, ??

2) If the Bios shows the harddrive (#1 above)
then the harddrive is not being seen because you have either failed to install the SATA drivers through the F6 method or they were installed improperly or the BIOS setting (#1b) is not set right.

For clarification:
This was the original installed harddrive you are trying to reformat/reinstall the OS to? Or is this a new Harddrive being installed????

If it is a new drive then it must be set-up properly to be seen...The new drive should have come with a installation utillity disc from the manufacturer, or information on how to obtain the disc by going to the manufacturer's website and downloading it and making the boot disc to prep the new drive and make it ready for installing the operating system. This may also cause the harddrive to not be seen from the BIOS or from installation of the OS.

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October 5, 2008 at 17:33:14
Thanks guy for reply me. In bios the status appears 'no ide' after I run the 'self diagnostic test'. This hdd is originally came with my new Notebook. I just tried to reformat it after it failed to run XP. For information, in the bios setup, I don't find such menu either to disable/enable sata hdd or to change to ide like other nbook. The menus just so simple. I've tried to install sata driver (by press f6 during installation) but it seems like not proper driver. That driver actually I downloaded from it's website. I'm sure it is correct driver. Please...


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