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February 23, 2008 at 11:38:23
Specs: XP PRo, Pentium III/256
i have two pcs at home, and i want to have internet access in both of the computers what can i do? should i use wireless?
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February 23, 2008 at 11:42:05
A wireless router should work for you if the Pc's will be in different rooms. You will then need a wireless PCI card on one of the PC's.
If they will be in the same room you will just need a regular wired router.

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February 24, 2008 at 06:18:04
You can also share the isp without recourse to wifi - or additional wiring; i.e. using the LAN over mains system.

I tend to discourage wifi these days - unless it's absolutely vital to use it. This on possible health grounds (much discussed in places various); the risk of security breaches; the sometimes unreliable/unstable aspects of it all. Instead I favour the LAN over mains wiring system - e.g. Develo.

This approach uses plug-in modules - they go into mains-outlets; one for each PC and one for the router. The house/office mains-wiring carries the lan around the house/office; thus no need of other wiring, nor wifi...

Have been using the Devolo system for over a year; wouldn't go off it and can recommend the method highly.

There are other similar kits too; Netgear to name but one... However Devolo have regularly received the best reviews etc.; and their tech support has been OK on the two occasions I had a query to raise with them. The problem(s) I had were not Devolo related at all as it turned out (there was an oddity in part of the mains-wiring in one location); but nonetheless they were very helpful.

Minimum to aim for is the 85Meg system (roughly equivalent to 10Base-T); although there is now a 200Meg version as well.

More details on Devolo at:


In your situation you would need three modules (I buy them in pairs - usually a little cheaper that way overall); one for each PC - and a cat-5 cable to connect the module to the NIC in each PC; plus one for the router - and a cat-5 cable to connect the router to it.

Takes not many minutes to set it all up and then you're away... Want to move/change location of the router or a PC? Simply move the module to another convenient power-outlet. "Any" outlet will do - including "out doors" too be it a "permanent" outlet or via an extension lead.

Want to network a printer too? The same modules allow that via a suitable print-server adapter (Netgear/SMC/D-link etc.) which effectively mimics a PC...

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February 24, 2008 at 08:59:00
Hmmm....is this Devolo just a European thing?

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February 24, 2008 at 10:05:16
mmm - did a look-see at their web-site - and yes they appear to be only UK and Europe.

(Note: UK is not part of Europe - yet - inspite of Blair and chums... As "someone" once remarked... if the Almighty had wanted Europe to part of the UK "He" wouldn't have put the channel in their way to keep them away...; or, as an historian observed an age back..., the French having "finally" left the "empire" in the 15th Century they had a chance to (re)join it - even as recently as the late 1940s...)

Meanwhile back to topic - Netgear do their version of the system (current/latest are allegedly HomePlug compatible); likewise SMC; Panasonic (may not be Homeplug compatible); D-link are another source (don't know about the HomePlug aspect).


is 2006 review of early Netgear kit (UK version). A trawl for Devolo on the web will bring up similar re' Devolo etc...

As I say I use Devolo as it was getting (And still is?) the best reviews; and is HoomePlug compatible.

HomePlug is new/agreed standard for this kit as it evolves. Allegedly it's to allow assorted generations/makes to interface OK (as in mix/match makes/models...). Whilst this is obviously a good ides, I'd be inclined to stay with one make regardless of which I (or whomever might choose); and definitely to go for HomePlug standard/compatability.

Again they work like a charm; and no wifi issues at all to contend with.

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