Random Shut Downs and battery charging status

Dell Studio 1537 laptop (intel core 2 du...
November 7, 2009 at 09:43:41
Specs: Windows Vista
For the past few months my computer has been
"plugged in, not charging". It has gotten to the point
that my battery has no power and due to this "not
charging" issue every time my powercord is
unplugged my computer immediately shuts down. I'm
not sure if this is due to a fautly powercord? or if
there's something else wrong. Either way i do not want
to go out and spend the money on a new powercord
only to find out i still have the same problem.

More recently my laptop has been spontaneously
shutting down. It could be during any task and it
seems that no one task has any greater effect on its
timing than another. I'm beginning to think that its
overheating? but it only happens when i have it on a
cloth surface such as my bed. It seems to stay on as
long as its on my lap or on a hard surface such as my
desk. I'm not sure if this has any relation to my powercord problem, but either way with the two issues combined using my laptop is becoming harder to do.

If anyone has a possible solution or could help explain
why either of these things are occurring I would greatly
appreciate your assistance.

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November 7, 2009 at 10:39:14
Could be the power cord or the charging circuit (especially if the battery is relatively new). To avoid heat issues, don't leave it on something like cloth or something which insulates. If heat is truly an issue, then look at something like this:


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November 8, 2009 at 03:17:24
I have also had the 'not charging' message caused by leaving the charger plugged in. This is apparently caused by the 'smart' charger. I fixed it by operating it on the battery until it shut down and recharging. You might have to do it several times.

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