lap top died.

November 3, 2009 at 18:47:58
Specs: Windows vista
hi, a couple of weeks ago i was playing on my laptop and then all of a sudden i get a message saying that windows is going to update and i didn't have the option to postpone it or anything... so anyways after the update it restarts and i turn it back on to see the words that would haunt me for weeks.... the whole screen is black with a box in the middle saying: An unauthorized change was made to windows. so then im like ? then i close the box, my laptop shuts down. i boot it back up, follow the instructions and no matter what the box wont go away.... after a week of frustration i deside to reset it to factory setting using the 2 recovery disks that it came with... so it starts deleting my hard drive and 11% into the process my laptop dies... then when i boot it back up it said media test failure, check cable. no matter what i did i couldn't get it to boot... i tried the product recovery disks and everything but it wont work. so then i get pissed and just wipe the whole hard drive and then try the disks again and now it says no OS, please insert a OS disk. i never got a copy of vista CDs because it came preinstalled on my laptop. is there anyway to use the factory disks and reinstall vista? because im pretty sure i should beable to reinstall vista with them.

oh and by the way iv had this laptop for over a year with no problems like this and all of a sudden im a friggen pirate?

i hate windows.

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November 4, 2009 at 08:07:34
Hard drives die. Just like we all do. Did you talk to the laptops techsupport about your options?

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November 4, 2009 at 21:17:10
no, my hard drive is fine.

the boot files got deleted while i was using the disks to recover to factory settings and the power died 11% into it

and it didn't boot so i just wiped the whole thing...

now i just need to some how use the factory recovery disks to get it back up and running

but i dont know how to boot it from the disks.

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