How do I undo factory setting restore

February 28, 2011 at 21:08:49
Specs: Linux i686

Please help, I restored my dell back to the original factory settings. I was running windows Vista and did not realise it would wipe everything out including my operating system. I'm currently using a Linux CD even though it works I cannot save on my computer it always says I don't have enough memory. Also I bought the computer at Aarons for a very cheap price, Vista was already installed. I have no recovery CD, and would of purchased one but wasn't sure if my computer hard drive or memory is gone too. I bought it out right so there was no warranty and dell wouldn't help either?

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February 28, 2011 at 21:21:51

It would have wiped out your data, but the factory restore, usually formats the drive and re-installs the operating system, drivers etc. How did you get a factory restore option without it containing any restore? It should have left you with vista installed and what it originally came with for programs. Did the computer come with a Vista sticker with 25 character key? If your data is important you may wish to try "PC Files Inspector" or "recuva" to get your data off the drive if possible. I use Get data back, but it will only recover the files with purchase, but those two free ones work very well. If you have a vista sticker then you need only borrow someone's vista disk and install your operating system, but you may want to try to get the data off it before you do much else. Can you see any old files using the linux disk?

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February 28, 2011 at 21:58:18

I Don't know alot but usually enough to get around, I had restored before but never to the factory settings. I thought it would clean out everything and let me start fresh. No I do not have anything important that I am in need of. All I want is a step by step to try to get windows Vista back, I can't see anything. I can use F1 and a couple others to get around i just follow the directions but as far as understanding most of it I have no Idea what to set things, For instance the hard drives one two or three, 1st 2cd or 3rd without being in there right now I can not tell you exactly. But any help is truly appreciated. Thank you.

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February 28, 2011 at 22:04:56

I'm sorry also, The ubuntu/linux CD software I use now, gives me an option to try or download. Every time I try to download it says not enough memory? There is nothing stored on here any more that I know of. I cannot even save pictures or any downloads at all. So I don't understand what is happening at all.

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February 28, 2011 at 22:30:32

Well thats because you working off a cd/dvd and not your hard there is no where for it to write what you want to save/download. The factory restore should have installed the operating system etc. Something is amok. How did you get to "factory default" option? Did it finish? What happened when you said ok to the factory restore. Sometimes the recovery partiton is damaged and the restore no longer functions properly, but it would help to understand what happened cause this did not give you a factory restore. Otherwise, if your data is not important try running another restore control + F11 on most dells. Or if that fails get a vista disk from someone....but you need a vista sticker w/serial key which I hope you have (unless it was stripped off).

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