Sound gone help!

August 27, 2005 at 08:22:15
Specs: windows me, ??

i have windows me. a few months ago a switched on the computer and had no mouse pointer, 8 colours and no sound. Through trial and error i've reinstalled the video drivers and mouse drivers so all is well - but i still have no sound! I don't have the speaker icon in the bottom right. I'm not sure what sound card i have(may be nvidia mcp2 audio codec - pci - found this info somewhere but not sure if this is a sound card name). I@ve tried rooting through discs that i have but can't seem to get the sound working. A system restore brought back a few missing things but not the sound. Any ideas???

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August 28, 2005 at 02:07:41

badgerwarriors, SWAG, dunno for sure, sounds like an incorrect/missing driver issue. Start>programs>accessories>system tools>system information should tell you which card you have and a visit to the mfgrs. website ought to make available the correct driver.
Ed in Texas.

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August 28, 2005 at 06:38:26

You can go to device manager (right click on My Computer) ,then properties, device manager , then look whats listed under sound ,video and game controllers. Highlight the sound listing(audio) and then click on properties button at bottom. It should have information on the current condition and what name your sound is ,for instance I have Sonic Impact S90 PCI interface ,by Diamond sound card ,use to have AC97 intergrated sound . If there is a red X threw the listing ,that usally indicates a hardware failure ,a yellow exclamation mark could be a driver problem .You can try using the remove button on your sound device ,and then reboot ,your PC will detect the harware and prompt you to reinstall it ,that may get it back up and working .Create a restore point B/4 you attempt this !
Good Luck Nick

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August 28, 2005 at 11:49:41

thanks for the suggestions, no joy though. I now know i'm haviong probs with "nvidia(R) nForce(TM) audio". i removed all sound devices in device manager and when i restarted the pc it did detect the sound card. when i now go into device manager i have a yellow exclamation mark next to this. I've tried updating the drivers but it doesn't work... the nvidia website does not have a driver for windows me. when i try to update from the cd rom i have it says its updating, i resart the pc and still have the same prob with yellow exclamation mark in device manager - it seems to come up with a few updated driver sources but i've tried all of them and it doesn;t work...i'm still missing the speaker icon from the bottom right corner too. Any other ideas please!?!

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August 29, 2005 at 17:03:07

badgewarrior, you might try this driver. It states windows ME support.

Read about it first. It mentions that microsoft direct X 9.0 must be installed first. That seems strange, but it does. Just to make them happy, do it. To find out what version of direct X you currently have, go to the start>run> and then type dxdiag

Then go to;

Be prepared for a long download though.. :(

Also, microsoft recommends setting a system restore point before running this direct x upgrade in case it bombs. Do this by;

start>programs>accessories>system tools, and then do a system restore.

Finally, use the first link i provided for the audio drivers. This is a lot of work I realize, but I bet it will work. The added advantage of having the new direct x 9.0 will be appreciated with games. (most require it now.. and it might have even have been installed WITH a game.. so, be sure you run dxdiag first.)

Hope this works for you.


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August 30, 2005 at 12:18:13

thanks- still no joy though aagghh!!!
i already have directx 9.0 - i went to the nvidia link and downloaded then installed the driver. the computer restarted and i have a new icon on the botton right but still no speaker and i still get errors if i try to play any sound files. in device manager (prior to installing this new driver)in sound video and game controllers i had

Nvidia(R) nForce(TM) audio
Nvidia(R) nForce(TM) Audio codec interface
Wave device for voice modem

with a yellow exclamation mark against
nvidia(R) nforce(TM) audio
but not against the other 2 devices..
I now have no yellow exclamation mark at all, but i also dont have this device listed now, i just have the other 2 listed above..

i must be doing something stupid and wrong but it's driving me mad!!!

any other ideas please?!?

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September 24, 2005 at 01:37:50

Open Media Player, click 'help' at the top, click 'check for player updates'.

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