hotmail will not open or load

March 8, 2005 at 14:57:28
Specs: windows me, athlon 2 gigahurts

everytime i log into hotmail i get as far as putting my user name in and then my password

in stead of loading it just says done on the bottom left hand side and loads nothing

so my emails no longer working

i have no virus's i can find, spyware is good, no porn nothing on the computer haha now why is this happening?
how do u fix this

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March 8, 2005 at 15:51:28

You may have a corrupt Hotmail page stored in your Tempory Internet Files folder. Clear this out and see if it loads then.....


Post back if this works/doesn't work for you.

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March 9, 2005 at 04:04:00

What browser are you using? michael makes a good point though. Have you tried actually reloading the page, clearing your cache, temporary internet files, etc?

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March 10, 2005 at 13:30:43

im using internet explorer, i have done everything,. virus scans, spy ware scans, cleared all my cache adjusted my settings evrything but it still doesnt work

i dont understand

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March 10, 2005 at 15:13:31

Jennifer, do you think there could be an entry in the HOSTS file that is causing Hotmail not to load?

I guess the answer is to cut & paste the HOSTS file to a safe place then try Hotmail again. If no better, put the HOSTS file back. If it is OK, I would install a new HOSTS file as that would be easier than editing out the 'accidently' banned sites.

You can get a 'new' HOSTS file in the tools section of Spybot (imunize option).

'Tis too late for me to explain cos I should be in bed for some much needed beauty sleep.

Spybot has some info on the Hosts file.

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March 10, 2005 at 17:16:05

i dont know what a host file is i see it in spybot in advanced options but what exactly am i suppose to do to it?

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March 11, 2005 at 12:25:27

please any able to help i have emails i have to answer but they wont open or even load for that matter

im in desprite need of help ;( anyone

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March 13, 2005 at 00:25:18


Have several friends who are also having tons of trouble with connecting to HotMail. Have been asked to see if it can be resolved, worked on both machines.

What I found is not what you expect, both clients were heavy email users, one used his for a small home business.

Actually it seems like the Hotmail system is very overloaded at most times of the day and night. Ping responses from the servers are incredibly slow (this will cause time-outs in the Browser) at all times actually.

Both folks were getting a variety of errors to get on, and once on, would get login errors, of if they did log in, they could get one or two emails and they would get thrown off the system. Nothing was the same with both users except they were longtime users of hotmail.

Another friend who is a very new user to Hotmail was having no problems on getting into hotmail or getting mail in and out. This was checked at the same times I was working the problems with the other machines. This was a few weeks apart actually.

This is a free service so contacting M$ about it, you get a auto-message to join up with MSM for x$$$ each month and no help. One of the people has writen several emails to M$, gets auto-reponses to the email, but no infomation on the problems. They will not discuss Hotmail on the phone at all.

Some searching around and a few posts on my part, which got many flames and a few interesting replies. One of which defined Hotmail is now a 'Marketing Tool' to encourage people to migrate to MSM. Supposedly older users are trageted for this by making access inconvenient and troublesome. How that sells the idea to join MSM, a pay service, still eludes me.

At first never thought a lot about it, but some follow up on these two people, seemed one was accessing normally all of a sudden, the other (small business guy) was still having problems. Both are considering migrating to another free email service.

Take it for what its worth, Oh and by the way I did start a new mailbox on each machine and accessed it fully, with no delays and problems, both worked fine. So go figure. . . . .

Not a lot of help, but some insite I hope.


"Suppose you were an idiot ... And suppose you were a member of Congress... But I repeat myself." --Mark Twain

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March 18, 2005 at 07:48:02

Hi LJ,

I had this problem before and through trial and error, I figured that one of my links was not checked on the Internet Preferences tab.

Under Internet Options, go to the Security Tab and click on Custom Level. Make sure your "Allow META REFRESH" option is Enabled. Once I did this, the hotmail page was able to show up on my screen.

Also, make sure you're not using any Multiproxy servers because both Yahoo and Hotmail don't recognize a foreign cookie.

Lemme know if it works!

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April 25, 2005 at 17:23:12

I have the same problem with hotmail. I've tried just about everything you guys have listed above and my hotmail still will not open. Does anyone know what I can do? I have email that I must check and when I go to and type in my email and password, I click sign in and the page just doesn't load but on the status bar it says done. Any suggestions please?

Also, now other websites don't open as well.. such as my banks home page and other things that normally used to work. Can anyone help me please?

~~ ~~

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April 26, 2005 at 10:22:52

Believe it or not this will actually FIX the problem. The issue is within Windows XP itself. I had the same problem and did this and it fixed the problem. The issue will also will happen if you try the windows update site. Except it gives an actual error on that site. Anyways follow this link to repair the issue.;en-us;813442

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