Windows screen too big! on laptop

July 5, 2006 at 03:47:33
Specs: Win 98, 16

Hi,I have got my little laptop up and running and connected to the internet,thanks to this site,it's brill.
Now I am having a problem with the screen,my son messed about with it and the ( not very good at explaining myself sorry)
windows screen plus the internet page is too big to fit on the monitor screen I have tried and tried to fix it but don't seem able to.


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July 5, 2006 at 06:11:10

Just for info, what is your screen area set to?

With desktop PC's there are controls on the monitor itself. Maybe there is something similar for laptops - someone will know.

Possibly video driver issue.


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July 5, 2006 at 06:11:24

You should be able to reset the screen resolution from the display properties & if you are not familiar with that process, try scanreg /restore from the command prompt menu.

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July 5, 2006 at 07:31:08

Hi,Thanks for trying to help.
The full page of windows is there but,I have to point the mouse up to get all the desktop stuff to show up and in order to see the clock and email and explorer have to point the mousesideways they will not all show up together.


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July 5, 2006 at 10:53:21

As saber said...change the screen resolution. Do you know how to do that?

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July 5, 2006 at 16:02:36

You can change the screen size by right clicking the desktop, selecting Properties then adjusting the slider. Most folk use 800x600.

I do however have difficulty seeing this as curing the fault you describe in #3. Whatever size (resolution) you choose it is not normal to have problems fitting the periphery of the desktop and/or the taskbar onto the screen. It's only the size of the items on it that change with resolution.

On screens with title bars at the top, such as IE or OE then double clicking the title bar should bring the edges back onto the screen. I know of nothing similar for the desktop itself.

If I think of something I'll pop back. In the meantime set yourself to 800x600, reboot and cross your fingers.


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July 5, 2006 at 17:33:47

To change the resolution, right click the desktop and select properties. Then select settings. Look for the resolution adjustment towards the bottom left of the screen. Try a few to see which one you prefer. Hopefully one of them will fit the screen.

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July 5, 2006 at 19:03:26

On my W98SE the bottom left says "Colors" and the bottom right says "Screen area". Whatever I set in either of these the desktop and taskbar stay within the screen boundaries.

Most folk set "Colors" to either Hi Color (16 bit) or True Color (32 bit) and "Screen area" to 800x600 as previously stated.

No harm checking both "Colors" and "Screen area" obviously, you might be lucky but if so I'm not sure why.


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July 5, 2006 at 19:22:07


Got it. You are talking about XP which does indeed have resolution at bottom left. This is not so on W98. Resolution is called "Screen area" and is bottom right.

You do indeed need the Settings tab but it usually defaults straight to that anyway.

So I reckon we are back to my #5.


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