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May 26, 2005 at 10:47:29
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I am on a microsoft windows 98 system and am having many problems with my computer. My 16 year old brother has over loaded my computer by downloading music files and I need to know how to restore my computer to original form, to how it was originally bought. It is a used computer and I have tried the following action:

<center>click on local c:drive selete system.1st and rename it "system.dat" copy system.dat to c:\WINDOWS and finally shutdown and reboot.</center>

The computer didn't have a system.1st file, but it did have a system.sav. I renamed sav to dat and copied it to c:\WINDOWS. once I pasted it, an error box popped up saying that c:\WINDOWS already contains a system.dat file. I am at a lost. The computer has obivously been restored before, and I don't know how to do it again. Please help me, and thank you in advance to anyone that does. Also, this is my first time posting on here, so as I am not sure how to find my posts, could you please e-mail the information to me at Thank you again.



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May 26, 2005 at 10:59:08

Holy crap!!!
Good incentive!!!
Love the tilted head pose.
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What you are referring to is restoring the registry settings only. If you were to succeed then it will not free up any space and will just render all installed programs since as useless without reinstalling them.

What kind of computer is it? Perhaps we are familiar with it's "Restore to factory" settings.

Alternately you could simply delete the music files to free up some room.

Does the PC start on it's own after pushing the power button.

To follow the thread just go to your "My" page.

I would email you if it wasn't an AOL address.


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May 26, 2005 at 12:26:42

As Bryan says, restoring an older system.dat (system.1st, system.sav) file may not be much help. But if you go that route, system.dat is a hidden, read only file. You'll need to do the copy process in dos. To do that either shutdown windows and choose to restart in msdos mode or tap F8 when booting the computer to access the start menu. Then choose 'command prompt only'.

At the prompt type attrib -h -r c:\system.1st and enter. (Try system.1st first. It's a hidden file and that may be why you couldn't find it.) Then type
attrib -h -r c:\windows\system.dat and enter. Then type copy c:\windows\system.dat c:\system.old and enter. This will make a copy of your existing file in case you want to restore it. Then type
copy c:\system.1st c:\windows\system.dat and enter. Answer (Y)es when it asks if you want to overwrite the existing file. Then type
attrib +h +r c:\windows\system.dat and enter.

If you do use system.sav instead of system.1st then make the necessary corrections in the above commands.

Your other solution, besides just deleting the files as mentioned above, is to reformat and do a fresh installation. If you do that make sure you have the 98 product key.

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May 26, 2005 at 16:11:18

how about installing and running delindex.bat. I recently ran it on a friends computer and it freed up 50mb! Also when was the last time you looked at Msconfig/startup? Won't free-up hard drive space, but will free-up resources, and could solve some of your "many problems"


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