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March 25, 2009 at 15:00:34
Specs: Windows 98SE
Hi, I did the stupid and unchecked the "COMMUNICATIONS" box in Windows Components and now cannot connect to the Internet, via my ATT modem. Called ATT free support and because I'm receiving a Microsoft notification, yah know the one that requires you to respond by selecting "SEND" or "DON'T SEND" the operating system error to MS, they recommended I call in the ATT home service team, or the Geek Squad and then I found you folks! I have a 10 year old computer, stop laughing, utilizing Windows 98SE. My first thought was just insert the original WIN98SE disk to reload the files, but forgot to realize that only IE5 would be reloaded. My next step was to download the IE6SETUP.EXE file, from my work computer. I downloaded the file and things seemd to be going OK, until I had to select the intall option, typical, or selected files. If I select either I receive the "IE6WZD" error and can't proceed further. The computer seems to work OK except for not being able to connect to the internet. I have downloaded the IE6SETUP.EXE from another computer and loaded it onto my Internet disabled computers desktop, but when I try to run the installation wizard it only goes so far and then gives me the error message IE6WZD. If I run in Safe Mode, I can get through the process OK but it then tells me that "The most recent versions of all items are already installed. It is recommended that you exit Setup without reinstaling." If I try to sign-on to SBC Yahoo from the Safe Mode I do not receive the error message, but after attempting to "Sign In" a box opens stating, "Unable to connect to the server, Please check your connections before trying again." I realize that once I gain acces to the Internet I will have to run the Windows update funtion to download the additional updated files. I believe that my SBC equipment is working OK, after talking with the tech support people at SBC Yahoo. They were concerned about having the four lights lit on their Seimens Speadstream 4100 modem. I hope this information helps create a good picture for this issue I'm dealing with.
Bye for now, Rob (Cleveland, OH)

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March 25, 2009 at 18:56:44

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March 26, 2009 at 07:25:06
Good Morning DAVEINCAPS,
Yes, you are correct!
I had re-checked those boxes, including the "Communications" box in "Windows Setup" after I lost IE access. I believe that is when I was instructed to install my original Windows 98SE disk to reinstall all the missing files. Unfortunately, this is also when IE5 was re-loaded.
Additional information that may be helpful in understanding my problem is that under "System Properties", the "Device Manager" tab I have six listings, is it possilbe this my be a cause of at least some of my problems? I do not remember having six listings under the "Network adapters" icon. This listing includes:
"Dial-Up Adapters"
"Dial-up Adapter #2 [VPN Support]"
"Extranet Access Client Adapter"
"Linksys LNE100TX[v5] Fast Ethernet Adapter"
"Microsoft PPP over ATM Adapter"
"Microsoft Virtual Private Networking Adapter"
I think the only one that should be there is:
"Linksys LNE100TX[v5] Fast Ethernet Adapter". I remember the ATT Support person wanting to make sure this specific adapter was present.
Since I got myself into trouble before, I'll wait for you reply as to whether I should "Remove" all but the Linksys.
P.S I don't believe that it's a cable connection/configuration problem since I'm using the cable that typicaly goes into my non-working computer to plug into this old laptop I'm using to communicate with you.

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March 26, 2009 at 07:34:54
What does ipconfig show?


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March 26, 2009 at 10:21:22
It seems odd that temporarily unchecking that would wipe out your IE.

It might be too late since you've made changes by attempting to reinstall but restoring a previous registry might help. You'd reboot the computer and start tapping F8 before the OS starts to load. A boot menu should come up. Choose 'safe mode command prompt only'. Then at the dos prompt type scanreg/restore and enter. A list of stored registry dates should come up. Choose to restore a registry from just before you unchecked the communications tab. When it's done, reboot, and see if things are back to normal.

That will at least return the network adapters back to what they were --assuming they somehow were changed.

If you still need to install IE 6, it's probably on your ATT disk. You may need to talk to them about how to specifically get its installation going. You also may be able to order an IE 6 CD from microsoft.

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March 26, 2009 at 17:27:13
Hi Jennifer,
I tried typing in "IPCONFIG" into the "Run" box, but after selecting "OK" the screen blinks to the DOS window and blinks right back to the desktop. I then tried entering "IPCONFIG" from the "MS-DOS Prompt" and the following information appeared:
Windows 98 IP Configuration

0 Ethernet adapter:
IP Address .....:
Subnet Mask ...:
Default Gateway...:

1Ethernet adapter:
IP Address .....:
Subnet Mask ...:
Default Gateway...:

2 Ethernet adapter:
IP Address .....:
Subnet Mask ...: 255.255.255,0
Default Gateway...:

Thanks for your review and comments!

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March 26, 2009 at 17:35:23
I was able to follow your recommendation, but the restore dates, limited to five, all fall within the time period that I've had this problem. No dates listed were previous to my issue
Thanks as always!

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March 26, 2009 at 21:25:32
You may need to uninstall and then reinstall the ATT software. It'll probably update to IE 6 as part of the install, at least that's what happens when I've installed AOL and netzero on 98. Or check with ATT and see if they have any other ideas.

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March 27, 2009 at 04:22:38
It would probably be best if you did remove the last device including the Linksys. It works a bit different than what you are thinking.

You want to remove everything - reboot and then only install the bare minimum of network stuff to get your services working. But first you need to reinstall IE6 by downloading the OTHER 78 megs of support files that allow ie6setup.exe to install IE6 such that the wizard doesn't need to download any more files from the web.

The wizard is all you need to download IE6 support files from the web if you have a proper connection. Chances are you already have all the files needed on any MS Cd or Norton Cd or ....

""The most recent versions of all items are already installed. It is recommended that you exit Setup without reinstaling.""
is an evil LIE - you have NOT reinstalled IE when you quit at this bogus message. You must manually check every checkbox of all items previously installed and always ignore such tripe as double quoted above. You must forge ahead anyway and continue the reinstallation despite their bad advise - the wizard has NOT checked all of your files and it certainly has NOT overwritten even one at that point. What you want to happen is to overwrite each and every IE file that is on your computer and that takes time and the process can be seen to happen.

Then you need to apply the same rabid approach to your network files, those will come from your 98 installation CD.


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