CDR101: not ready reading drive R

December 5, 2005 at 13:31:20
Specs: Win 98, 256

Right -
She's a few years old, still a decent system.
I ran a cd to re-install 98, didn't work. Wouldn't re-start, etc, etc, etc. It wiped the drive, but didn't get to the re-install.

So, fdisk and format later, I have a harddrive ready for an OS, a win98 floppy from, and a new win98 cd from an online company.

Booting from the floppy works fine, can see contents/navigate around the cd drive, but type setup to start the cd, and the subject heading appears.

So - suggestions to get setup to run from the cd? is this potentially a driver issue, a bad cd issue? I'm presently at a loss. Thanks!

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December 5, 2005 at 14:27:38

Just to say that CDR101 gets quite a few hits in Google. Here's one:



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December 5, 2005 at 15:52:10

Thank you for the note - I just about smacked my forehead as I read. Sometimes web-searches should be made that simple.

It would appear that it is that cd, not all cds, causing the issue. One last bit, since your faculties appear to be working better than mine.

Several sites mentioned problems running programs from a burned cd. That, or the original win98 cd image file may be the culprit. Is there a way presently to burn an image so that it would be executable to all drives?

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December 5, 2005 at 16:24:12

Usually a burned CD is reasonable if it's a CD-R (finalized). Some folk, with about 120M to spare, copy the Win98 folder from the CD onto their HD's. You can do anything from there (including re-install on top from DOS).

You can get programs that burn an image of your HD but you might come unstuck if you use it on a different machine. All the drivers would be wrong unless the hardware was identical.

Sadly there is no way to copy the "virgin W98 bit" out of the install. What you end up with on the machine is nothing like what you see on the CD.

Here's a quite unrelated tip (not sure why it came to mind). Take a copy of the file vmm32.vxd which is on your machine and put it on a floppy. It can get you out of real trouble. The one on the CD is just a skeleton (no good to use as a replacement if vmm32.vxd gets lost or corrupted).


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December 5, 2005 at 16:49:11

Copying the files from the cd produces the same result as the former attempts to run something like setup from the cd. This would be why I had not done so. And the rest of the post would appear to be moot, as there aren't really files on the hd to mess with.

oh - and virgin windows _anything_ is a myth, imho. :)

This is why I was looking for a reason why this cd image doesn't want to run when other cds will. I've copied the image to different blanks a couple of times, and I can interact with the files on the original computer, not on the one I'm "fixing" *snort* , nor my own laptop.

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December 5, 2005 at 17:48:12

How old is the cdrom drive?It might just be the problem.Older drives have difficulty with newer standards that support cdr or cdrw.You can use a recent cdrom drive if you have a new computer on hand(any type will do:cdrom, dvdrom etc.)and install it on a temporary basis on the problem computer just to load the Windows system.You don't have to screw it in place as long as it lays on a flat surface.Good luck.

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December 5, 2005 at 17:51:50

Overlapped with #5 (server went down). Here's copy/paste of intended post:

"Yeah, sorry, I dived off at a tangent and thought you were wanting an image of W98 off an HD (must be having a bad day). the vmm32.vxd aside until you get one LOL.

There is a program called ISO Buster (you should find it in Google but shout back if not). Whether that will do it's stuff for you is anyone's guess. It's quite good at getting an image out of a dubious CD but attempting a Windows load with anything but a decent CD isprobably asking quite a lot.

I have known installs run from imperfect CD's after copying to the HD. Dunno why, can only suggest that copying en bloc is more reliable than keep calling from the CD "as and when" (when you're installing straight from it). That's obviously precluded in your case as you can't read it at all. It must be pretty bad."

.... but #5 could be right, might just be a dodgy drive.


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December 6, 2005 at 12:51:30

R:\>SETUP [enter]

Is that what you're doing to get the error?

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