Solved Can't log in to Yahoo! mail

July 23, 2005 at 19:43:52
Specs: Windows 98 2nd ed 4.10.22, Intel Celeron 63.0 MB

Dumb question; easy answer, I'm sure ...

When I try to log in to my yahoo email account, I keep getting thrown right back to the login page.

What I've tried: I've reset my Internet options to "Accept all cookies" and to the very lowest settings for security & privacy.

I'm so desperate -- I need to know if I start my new job on Monday!

Thanks a MILLION -

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July 23, 2005 at 21:10:50

Bear with me a minute, I know this will sound weird!

Have you ever clicked on a link to something, and your Yahoo sign on screen pops up? ...and when you signed in, did it fail?

If so, you have probably fallen for a very real scam that has been going on for sometime with Yahoo. The sign in page wasn't really Yahoo, it only looked like it.

It's very possible your account has been stolen and the password changed.

Click on my name at the top of this post, that will give you my email address. Private me and I will see what I can do.

The internet is no longer a toy, it's a COMBAT ZONE!

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July 23, 2005 at 21:17:03

This would normally mean that you are not entering the correct username or password. Try reentering them. I you have your browser remember these, try overwriting it. Of course check that your caps lock key is not turned on.

Another possibility is you have a sticky key on your keyboard. Try typing in notepad and see if it shows up correctly.

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July 23, 2005 at 23:34:39
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Other than typing your password when signing into Yahoo! or talking to Yahoo! personnel on the phone. Do not give it out to anyone trying to help you.

(1) Internet Explorer->Tools->Internet Options->
General Tab
Click the following buttons: Delete cookies. Delete Files (also button that pops up: Delete Offline Content). Clear History. If you save any cookies, history or offline content, then selectively delete the useless items. The cookie(s) for the site giving you trouble would be one to delete.

(2) Temporarily disable antivirus/ firewall and any popup blockers/toolbars. Check to see if that solves the problem. If it does, go through and isolate which program is at fault. Change settings in that program.

(3) Check to ensure Javascript is enabled. Click the Security Tab. Click to highlight Internet Zone. Click the Default Level Button. Then click the Custom Level button. Make sure it is set to Medium. Under the heading Java Permissions make sure it is set to Medium Safety. Scroll down to the Scripting Heading. Make sure all are set to Enable.

(4) Look for a file named HOSTS with no extension. (not Hosts.sam or Lmhosts.sam). Could be a hidden file so you will have to be sure Show All Files. Also, be sure to uncheck, Hide extensions for known file types.
These can be found in Folder Options. Start->Settings or Windows Explorer->Tools. Or on the View Tab.

You can open up a Hosts file and edit with notepad. Look for entries related to the problem site. Either delete or place a # at each related entry. The # symbol forces Windows to ignore that line. Save the new edited version to the location where it was found. Reboot and see if that was the cause of the problem.

(5) Index.dat files may be corrupted. Deleting them without a program varies between your version of windows. I would suggest using IE Privacy Keeper. Freeware.

(6) Click Start->Run. Type
regsvr32 urlmon.dll and then click OK. Repeat, substituting each of these additional DLLs:

regsvr32 Shdocvw.dll
regsvr32 Msjava.dll
regsvr32 Actxprxy.dll
regsvr32 Oleaut32.dll
regsvr32 Mshtml.dll
regsvr32 Browseui.dll


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July 24, 2005 at 09:02:36

You did it! I'm back in!

Wow, a whole lot of thought, effort & genius went into putting together these suggestions. I can't say 'thanks' enough times.


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July 24, 2005 at 15:57:17


If you went private on this could you summarise what you did and the outcome please, for the benefit of the forum.


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