Installing 3.1 from scratch

Orbit23 February 18, 2004 at 07:42:54
Specs: Xp, 2.0 512
I would like to know how to install windows 3.1 on my hard drive, but my hard drive is blank. So basically from scratch.

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February 18, 2004 at 08:25:23
I believe that the first disk in the series is a bootable disk. If you run the setup program it should create the partitions for you and just have you insert the appropriate disks in the sequence. It's been a long time so this might not hold true. If not, you will need to create a startup disk with format and fdisk on it. Using fdisk, create a partition on the hard drive. Then restart the PC and format the partition. Following the format, restart again just to be safe. Then boot to the startup disk. Insert disk 1 and run the setup program.

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February 18, 2004 at 08:36:18
DOS - - anyone heard of DOS?

... just a thought (I've heard it comes in handy).

Win3xx setup disk will not boot your computer.

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February 18, 2004 at 08:43:00
To run Win3.1, you need to install DOS first. Just install MS-DOS from its installer, which should be able to create and format partitions automatically, and then install DOS to your HD automatically for you. After DOS is installed and started successfully, then install Windows 3.1 on top. More information:

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Related Solutions

February 18, 2004 at 16:41:17
This is step-by-step & slightly modified from another web page (assuming you're using DOS 6.22 & you've got a drive under 2.1GB). Ignore the section "Delete existing Hard drive partition" if you're sure you have no partions on your drive :

To complete this procedure you will need the following materials:

* Microsoft Dos 6.22 diskettes
* Microsoft Windows 3.11 diskettes

Delete existing Hard drive partition:

1. Insert the Microsoft DOS diskette #1, turn on unit.
2. The Ms-Dos setup window will come up.
3. Press the F3 button, then press F3 again.
4. This will bring up an A:\>
5. Type Fdisk, then press enter.
6. Select Number 3, Enter to delete existing DOS partition
7. Select Number 1, Enter to delete the PRIMARY DOS PARTITION
8. Flashing Warning message, Press Enter, Y, Enter.
9. Press ESC Three times, Press Enter unit should reboot.

Create Primary DOS Partition:

1. Press F3, F3, This will return to A:\>
2. Type Fdisk, Enter
3. Press Number 1, Enter to select Create Primary Dos Partition.
4. Press Enter again.
5. Do you wish to use maximum avail size, Y, Enter?
6. Press ESC. Unit will reboot.

Format hard drive and copy installation files:

1. Press F3, Enter, Press F3, and Enter.
2. A:\> will come up, Type Format C:/u , Press Enter.
3. Ignore warnings & press Y to proceed with format. Press Enter.
4. It will say Formatting and show a Percent complete.
5. Press ENTER (or a volume name) when prompted for VOLUME LABEL.
6. This will bring up A:\>

Installing DOS 6.22

1. Turn off unit, Wait 10 seconds, then turn the unit back on.
2. Microsoft MS-DOS setup, Press Enter, Press Enter.
3. It will install to C:\DOS , Press Enter , dos will start installing.
4. It will prompt you to Insert disk #2, Then Press Enter.
5. Later it will prompt you to insert Disk #3, Press Enter.
6. After DOS has installed the third disk, it will prompt you to Remove all disks.
7. Press Enter. Press Enter, the unit will reboot.

Installing Windows 3.11

1. Insert the first disk of Windows 3.11 into the floppy drive.
2. Type, A: , then Press, Enter. Type SETUP then Press Enter.
3. Windows 3.11 will prompt you for the disks as it needs them. It will only want six disks for the general install. The other disks (if WfWG) will only be needed for installing a printer or Network drivers.
4. In the Windows Setup screen, it will ask you to install a printer, the default choice is NO PRINTER ATTACHED, Press Enter if you don't have a printer connected.
5. If you have a printer, Choose the printer from the list or load the driver from the disk provided by the printer manufacturer. Continue, unless you know how to setup a Network.
6. Setup Applications, Press OK, and run the Tutorial if needed. Otherwise skip, and choose Restart Ms-dos.

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iampeter March 2, 2004 at 07:35:05
Wait! You're missing something! Go to

to download the newest versions of DOS instead of the old ones. From there, you can also download Mini-Windows.

Anyone want to use Windows 3.1 - with only one floppy disk? This includes <u>DOS support.</u>

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January 8, 2006 at 14:45:40
Installing Windows 3.11

1. Insert the first disk of Windows 3.11 into the floppy drive.
2. Type, A: , then Press, Enter. Type SETUP then Press Enter.

When I do this, it tells me to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart and install DOS, but I've already installed DOS 6.22, otherwise I wouldn't be typing "setup" at the command prompt!! What's going wrong?

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