wha kind of virus do i have

July 24, 2009 at 09:13:59
Specs: Windows XP
My name is ej i was downloading music for my aunt(yeah i kno probably a bad move and the cause of my problem) and after i downloaded the last song i was about to scan the folder with Mcafee but right before i could Mcafee told me it found trojan after trojan after trojan so as i went to mcafee to delete them all my PC shut off and restarted. So i knew there was a problem. When it came back on it skipped the windows logon screen and was directly at my desktop with no icons, taskbar or anything. it turns out the DEP(Data Execution Program) prevented it from opening so i was stuck with a wallpaper and nothing else. so i opened task manager to try and get to the folder with the music(which hadnt been deleted yet) to try and delete it but it turns out task manager only runs programs. so I tryed to get to the folder to delete the music only find that most of the things i needed like desktop went missing. So i just went to a random folder and in the address bar i typed google and it worked fine i eventually found a way to restore the tasbar and stop the DEP since that was the only current problem. but the problems didnt stop there. Now i had my desktop back and deleted the music folder... all of it and still when i turned my PC on i got other programs being shut down by DEP mainly the logon. At one point when i tryed to install AVG to scan since i didnt trust MCafee at the time DEP blocked that while installing!!! Then i had to keep trying and rebooting untill it finally installed. i scaned and the only viruses found were in the WINDOWS folder so i couldnt delete them cause theyre in use at all times the last thing is it is deleting my programs like internet explorer, and Media player and others I am only able to use the internet thruogh the the google trick previously mentioned. i just want to know what this is and if i need a new PC anthelp is greatly appreciated Thank You

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July 24, 2009 at 09:39:09
Sounds like you'll have to wipe your drive clean then reinstall windows the other windows programs will be reinstalled once you get service pack 3 I hope you have your xp disc. once you get all that done get some real time anti virus program Avira is free and highly rated plus self updating. then get a real time ad/spyware program and a really good registry cleaner. without these peer to peer is a accident waiting to happen

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July 24, 2009 at 16:38:52
Thanx i kinda figured thats what ill have to do ill just have to miove all my important filles to ext drive and reintsall windows

thanx again just needed confirmation

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July 24, 2009 at 16:52:49
Not really you can clean it. Do you want to attempt to clean it?

If I'm helping you and I don't reply within 24 hours send me a PM.

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