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July 29, 2009 at 13:18:22
Specs: Ubuntu 9.04
Hey I have a personal web server I setup at home to use as a temporary server for clients websites before they get uploaded to their hosting package. However I got rudely and without warning, interupted from my web development due to the fact my internet provider shut off my internet.

After serveral menacing phone calls I finally found out why I was shut off. According to my ISP one of my computers on my network was generating and mass e-mailing viruses/malware. So I spent the next few hours trying to figure out which system was the culprit. I only have two a iMac Intel base, and a Linux box. The Mac is protected with McAfee Virus Scan for Mac, however the Linux box has not virus protection. I finally found it was my web server causing the problem. So I monitor the network traffic for the web server, such as linked IPs, where the traffic is coming from, whether it is incoming or outgoing traffic. But it comes up nill expect for when I know that it is being accessed, such as when i'm working VIA ftp with the website files.

Here is a list of running server apps on the linux box:
Ubuntu 9.04
Apache 2.2.4
FTPPro Server
Webmin/Usermin Remote Management Console

Can someone help me with why I am having this problem?

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July 29, 2009 at 13:33:57
You may have a infection, but I bet the real reason you were cut off was for hosting website on a "residential" or "home" Internet package. Most ISPs frown upon customers who only pay for a "home" package, but then do business activity with it such as running a server with services available to the outside world. Might want to check into that before going on a which hunt for malware that may not even be present.

-Ryan Adams

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