Virus prevents .exe files from opening

September 26, 2009 at 21:51:14
Specs: Windows XP
I'm actually not sure what it is. Every time I try to open any fiprogram with the extension .exe, it either immediately freezes and does the typical "not responding" error message. Regular fuiles do work, and firefox sometimes works enough for me to open and view webpages, but will usually freezeif anything like the session recovery tries to operate. I can't open task manager to see if anything is wrong, but it does say that upards of 50% of my cpu is being used, even when I myself have nothing else running. I read on another answered question , something about the registry key, I looked and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but I really have no idea.

Something like this did happen before, except it was worse. what woudld happen was any file wuitth a a .exe extension would prompt a message to show upthat said that it was corrupt and it would not open. It was caused by fake spyware remover that was obviously spyware, it changed my background to a message telling me what it wanted me to believe was happeneing. I fixed it all by dragging the progam into the recycle bin, which actuallly worked.

Anyway, I can't system restore to a previous date, it gives me the message that I can't, as if I didn't have a checkpoint on that date, but I do. I've tried several different dates, I think it's the virus or whatever that is preventing me from doing it, not anything having to do with the date.

You'll have to excuse ay spelling mistakes. I can't really backspace, because everythhing I type gets put on the screen several minutes later than it should be.

Does anyone have any recomendations or ideas?

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September 27, 2009 at 07:10:04
Follow the instructions in Response Number 1 in the thread at the link below.


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