STOP message 0x000000B4

Dell 6000
January 4, 2009 at 12:01:43
Specs: Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, 1.7Gb/1.073Gb
Hi there, thanks for your interest in this thread.

A little history here, a friend asked me to look at his laptop. Reported it starting up slowly, running slowly (rediculously so) and that his step-kid hit some porn sites and god knows what else. There is not much on the box worth keeping (per the buddy) so I didn't back up his files although I'm sure he'd miss the Paul Hardcastle. I Ran Anti-Vir and AdAware while the box was operating correctly. It scrubbed out some viruses (3 of them) and 14 spyware entries. Apparently this box had not been updated by Microsoft for some time, it picked up two MS critical updates, and SP3, so upon reboot, here we are. Enter STOP error!

The STOP message appears to be a video driver initialization failure (0x000000B4) with some other hex garbage that doesn't change no matter what type of boot you do.

The computer will NOT boot in Safe mode, with previous known good settings, starting normally, in VGA only mode, etc. I've attempted to remove video drivers, but maybe I'm not doing it right to trick it into using VGA settings to no avail anyhow.

DANG ME, I'm having a heck of a time with this problem. So after reviewing tons of posts with this same problem out on the web, there appears to be no clear answer. There also appears to be a bunch of threads around 10/01/08 and there abouts, and that's probably when this box got infected. This to me rings virus, but who knows. One thing I have definitely noted is there are definitely some WRONG suggestions. Removing the hard drive, or suggesting the video card is fried, is incorrect. I've seen some long-way-round techniques used, some duplicate OS techinques used, but that seems to work around, but not fix the actual problem, and oh what joy if it returns on your redundant OS installation.

I created a UBCD4WIN boot disk, that thing is awesome by the way, and everything loads great, except of course it's running from the CD drive... So the display is fine, I even ran Ubuntu (again another cool boot disk, but for Linux) and the display is great, just to check the display's behavior. I can traverse the C: drive fine so it's functioning.

SOOO...The reason I posted this under Virus and Security is that I'm seeing this related to a virus somehow that I removed and it compromised the video driver or something else like that.

Viruses removed, of the 14 in all that were removed, (and it should be noted that AVIRA only removed 3 while the OS was running, but from the UBCD anti virus tool, 11 more were removed.) HOly S! That was kind of weird, and I think showed the REAL mess that this box was really in. I only witnessed 7 of the 14 removals, some were dupes:
1. Dldr.iframe.FX
2. Fake AV
3. FakeAV.BG
4. Agent.26624
5. FraudTool
6. Crypt.Xpack.gen
7. Agent.8704.76

I think I have those right. I think I can show a HijackThis log that was on the box while it was running normally if you think it would help.

So this error is related to MS Article 240369, however they only offer suggestions for a computer that boots into safe mode. Funny that...

BTW, Bios control are weak on this box, you can't manually edit through setup on startup except to turn on and off services. Quite pathetic.

I guess I need to know either how to find the specific log files to help you help me, or if someone has addressed this problem with success on an XP box, how to fix it. I have asked the buddy for his original installation disk. I was going to attempt the "not obvious repair, repair" also known as the "Don't use 'R' for repair until later repair", or the "act like your'e doing a new installation that turns out to be a repair, repair." You know, the hidden repair, the one that actually just overlays and doesn't destroy the current profiles in the system to see if that fixes the problem. My guess at this point is it won't but wouldn't it be wonderful if it did.

Any suggestions? Sorry for the tome.

I do really appreciate all of you who volunteer your time and knowledge to helping others. Especially people like me who know how to get in a hell of a lot of trouble. :-)

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March 25, 2009 at 07:20:09
have you heard anything back on this? I have the same problem with a Dell Inspiron 6000 that I can't get past the blue screen of death. Interested in knowing what you've learned on this.....hope to get my laptop up and running again.

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