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April 22, 2005 at 07:34:08
Specs: winxp, 256

i had some problems whit the virus or worms a post on the title, after many time trying to "fix" the computer i think i get rid of them, things aparentlly are working normal again, the ie works well again, no more about:blank or elitebar, ... my ClamWin anti virus detected some trojans , i deleted them, one i remember is name is protector.exe in the window folder.. and detected some more , but donĀ“t remember their names now, deleted them all, ..first: is ClamWin a good anti-virus? or do i have to try others? (cus i just find the trojan when run a system32 scan and windows folder scan)

second:, when i clickdisable simple file sharing i can see which user have permission to a folder, in some of my disk folders , in the right click security tab, appears in the group or users names , next to the adminatrators ,system, users, a user whit a diferent icon , not the normal 2 heads icon, its just one head whit a question mark and whit the name s-1-..-448...-156....-10...-10.. (the ...are more numbers ) any idea of what is this? and im just asking to see if ..first if is normal,..and to see if its got something to do whit the trojan protector.exe , cus in the any user aplication data folder/microsoft is being created a folder called protec, containing a folder whit the exact name that appears on that head whit question mark icon on the security tab right click...

..wait, i deleted that folder i launched msn messenger and i see now that is messenger that is creating that folder .. still have no idea why in some folder right click , security tab appears that same name s-1-5-...
on the groups or user names and whit a diferent icon..... what got messenger to do whit just some of my disk folders...

do you have messenger ? can you see if this folder on the aplication data / microsoft /protect exists for you too?
maybe just my paranoia , but i know theres some aplications that records anything in messenger and ..i found some trojans on my pc...

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April 25, 2005 at 15:27:54

boot in safe mode(f8), try adawareSE and solo antivirus demo scan, try toolbarcop to remove BHO plugins, empty temp folder, .... also might try system restore prior to date of errors occuring...:)

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