my pc is broadcasting a signal !!

dell/latitude cpx
October 11, 2008 at 16:02:01
Specs: windows xp sp3, 20g 127ram
my laptop is broadcasting a wiireless signal that i set up months ago. had a serious trojan//worm and i dont think its off. cant find anything that will remove it if its there.want to know why my old wireless conection is still broadcasting 19% signal after i've reformatted/deleted/installed winddows xp

also: "my" ip that this site says im posting from.... is not the same ip my comp says im conected to ??? normal?

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October 14, 2008 at 08:56:15
Can you explain a little more about this wireless signal? How
do you mean broadcasting it?

It's easy enough to disable a wireless connection if you go in
to the Network settings and adjust the permissions of that
particular connection...

Unless you mean, wireless connections are showing as which case, that's normal if you're near other
wireless networks!

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October 14, 2008 at 13:41:51
okay .. found a trojan/worm setup file hidden on my pc that talked about how windows saves fonts .. and how this lil glitch in the windows program is being used to save the program on a persons hard drive ... ( if the font does not have a name windows saves it different from if it does have a name ?? ) after the worm ("this pig") is saved it keeps pc alive at all times (unless unplugged) and downloads files in the bacckground using windows updates... after finding the file i tried to download certain anti-virus programs that this setup file said would corrupt the installition of the worm .. i.e kaspersky .. and the worm completely ATTACKED the instillation of it ... took ownership of it .. channged configuration.. set kaspersky to skip scaning files worm housed in during system scans .. and set all worm dection files to "remove/delete on next reboot " while tring to remove the worm i created a wireless conection i named a foul name and sset a password to it .. the passowrd was the name ii believe was the screen name of the hacker .. "rasman" anyways.. ive completely crashed my home comp twice.. laptop 4 times trinng to remove it ... contacted microsoft about thhe infection .. they were unable to help out and just sent me a set up disk instead .. got the disc and used it to delet all partitions on my hard drive and installed windows from scratch ... when reinstalling my wireless card (netgear) it shows me a list of available signals to choose from .. one being my home router signal .. and the other being the foul named signal i set up prior to re-instillation .. password unchanged .. i have already tried to connect to this signal just to check ... and i can still conect to it .. i dont know how or why .. unless it is still on my pc .. broadcasting a signal from my hard drive or something

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not the ip my computer says im conected to ... when i cliik on my connection and view details ... my ip is

am i being rerouted??? and is this normal?

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