Major Virus issues.

Dell Inspiron 5160 notebook mobile intel...
July 26, 2009 at 07:29:58
Specs: Windows xp w/service pak 3
Like many others before me, I was attacked by a nasty nasty Virus yesterday. It was masked by a Antivirus Application, (son of a bitches). The Virus' were identified by my installed Antivirus program (AVG) as: Trojan.Win.Agent.dcc, Virus.Win32.gpcode.ak & These are NASTY b---tards, but from what i read online they are easy to get rid of.. So..I reran the AVG scan, because it crashed the first time, and it found over 2000 infected files. (Which is normal, I guess, for the Virus.win32.gpcode.ak, since it makes encrypted copies of files.. At the end of the second scan , I received an error, that the amount that was being cleaned off was more than the allowed size for the archive.I erraticated what I could, and did the scan again. 3 hours later I came up with 148 (a Improvement , I thought) however, I got the same error as before, and I erraticated as many as I could, once again. I seen a change right away, but the change wasn't what I was looking for, My desktop disappeared. I thought I just froze, so I forced shutdown, and restarted. On Restart I was asked for a user name and password (which I have never set up for this computer, but the person that owned it before had and it was asking for her password) I am now frustrated to say the least. I was able to bypass the log in screen, but all I get is my desktop picture. I was able to start up the task manager (cont-alt-delete) and run some programs by using the "run" function, however, still thinking I was infected, I tried to run AVG and was unable to. After jumping on a clean (MAC) computer, I found an .exe called RegCureSetup_RW.exe, I downloaded this to my jump drive and tried it on the dell. It seemed like i was going to work, and I was happy. Happy turned to even more frustration, when it said that it only could fix 2 categories of issues (i was back to over 2000 issues, in like 6 categories) I thought that maybe it fixed enough for me to run AVG one more time. I brought up the task manager, browsed for the AVG app.. and it let me run it. YAY, right? NOOO it went through the scan, found 148 Issues (all virus related) was able to "fix" 2 of these issues, but now I can't even get the task manager to work and I get an error saying that I am missing key items for windows to run properly. Now I have a Dell laptop, that I have no idea what to try next, and refuse to bring to geek squad and pay 199. for them just to look at. Does anyone else have any ideas? Please Help!!

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July 26, 2009 at 09:13:00
Download and run Kaspersky AVP tool in safe mode:
Once you download and start the tool in safe mode:
# Check below options:

    * Select all the objects/places to be scanned. 

# Click Scan
# Fix what it detects
# Zip/Rar Scan log/Summary and upload it to Post download link in your next message.

Illustrated tutorial:

If I'm helping you and I don't reply within 24 hours send me a PM.

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July 26, 2009 at 10:55:56
I downloaded the file, to a jump drive (cause I can't get any where to start up an internet browser) however when I start up in Safe mode, all I get is a black screen, and when i hit cont-alt-delete to bring up the task manager, to run from the file on the jumpdrive, it doesn't come up. (the task manager window, that is)

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July 26, 2009 at 10:58:07
Is there a different way that I can start the task manager? a different way then cont-alt-delete? Anyone?

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