iexplore.exe virus??

February 13, 2005 at 18:23:33
Specs: xp home, 1.5/256

Hi everyone,

I think I might have a virus. I have iexplore.exe running in my task bar processes at 95-100 of cpu usage even when IE is not open. i did a search and found that file in 3 places:

1. C:\ProgramFiles\InternetExplorer

2. (as in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch


3. C:\WINDOWS\ServicePackFiles\i386

so...should i delete the ones not in program files? is there anything else I should do? or should I not touch those?



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February 13, 2005 at 20:04:34

Before deleting those files, I would use my antivirus program to isolate and determine what virus it is. Start your computer and enter the safe mode(usually by tapping the F8 Key)during the boot sequence. If your antivirus finds nothing try using a online virus scan like housecall at

Housecall will also allow you to use it to clean the virus if it identifies a problem.

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March 2, 2005 at 21:41:30

do You have a firewall?
There are a few spy programs ( not bugs, not trogans.. SPY PROGRAMS) that use that file to connect to the net. It pops up lookin like internet explorer in firewall permissions.
Generally the spy programs do not show up in your control/alt.delete. They are hidden.

But a firewall must allow it to connect to the net , it will ask. And when you look at the infor box you will see that THAT path is not the right path, for the REAL program.

IF... and I stress IF... this is a spy program they are programmed to be run hidden from Anti virus etc.

You checked all your stuff.
Get a firewall like zone alarm and when you load it. Set it on LET ME GIVE PERMISSION FOR EACH PROGRAM THAT ASKS.
Then it will pop up and ask for netscape, ask for AV update etc. Read each request, eyeball the path to see if its authentic, and select the box that says Always let this program connect.
Keep going till you find one that shouldnt be connecting. Its a little time consuming at first but firewalls are the last line of defence on the internet.

I WILL tell you since your on XP... that XP only requires two processes to connect programs to the net. they are both GENERIC PROCESSes for win 32 services.
With these two enabled to connect to the net you can connect your browser, chat program etc all no prob. All those programs will work fine without letting them run a server connection. Unless of course you are sharing files over you chat thing. Then it needs to be a server. But you dont have to run a server connection for an ftp program either.
Bottom line.. those two processes plus letting what ever programs you use to connect( ie or netscape)Will allow you to surf . ALl the rest you can dis allow as you see fit.

A computer is a perfectionist's nightmare.

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March 2, 2005 at 21:42:58

sorry ...
point to all that was..
if you dont let it connect... whatever it is can NOT Harm you nor get any of your personal info.

A computer is a perfectionist's nightmare.

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