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March 10, 2005 at 08:41:40
Specs: Windows ME, 750mhz AMD/512mb
Has anyone here ever used the Geek Squad that is found at Best Buy now. What are your opinions on them. I know most people on this forum probably have enough knowledge to fix their own PCs, but for people like me that aren't all that computer savvy this might be an option to problems. It has been over a week now that i have tried to get rid of Viruses and Spyware, Popups etc.. on my PC and I am not having much luck, so I might have to eventually call the Geek Squad up, but wanted to here from people on here about them first. thanks

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March 10, 2005 at 10:17:50
It will be expensive. Have you tried using specialised spyware removal forums; like spywarewarrior and spywareinfo? They have "hijackthis" and "CW Shredder" to download and post with specialists to assist you. Since you have ME, check to see if you have system restore turned, before you start. In many cases system restore needs to be turned off to allow thing sto get cleaned. After the system is cleaned you can turn it back on.

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March 10, 2005 at 11:03:12
I would look around and see who else does house calls. I would not trust anyone from Geek Squad to touch a computer but that is just my opinion. If you so desire, go download HiJackThis and post your log and we will take a look at it. Most of these issues we can resolve for free.


Wanker Drivers.Com Just Go There

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March 10, 2005 at 11:29:16
check your local papers classified section,they have technician that do house calls for $20/hr and up,alot of computer issues can be fixed in a few hours.these stores like bestbuy <canadian counter part futureshop> charge upwards of 60 an hour.and for the most they are students in training for tech schools at these stores.


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March 10, 2005 at 11:31:57
Holy Bytes, Batman! Has anyone looked at the prices on that website? $229 to do a data transfer from one media to another. LOL

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March 10, 2005 at 13:16:13
Thanks everyone for your replys. I tend to think that i would trust someone from Geek Squad who is backed by a major company like Best Buy then some random dude making house calls. To someone that has no idea about computers who knows what so randon house call tech could do security wise. I do realize that you are gonna pay more for the Geek Squad but I guess it is worth it to people that aren't computer savvy. I am trying to learn and fix these problems myself, but sometimes it just doesn't work and you need to have a pro fix it. Kind of like a Auto Tech., I can only do some much repair on my truck until it is time to bring it to a Mechanic. Anyway, Kevin The Tech Dude
thats for the info and i will try to go to HiJackThis when i get home and post the results. thanks again

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March 11, 2005 at 15:28:16
Just a thought. I agree with KTTD. You may end up paying more for a minor fix than a new machine would cost. Be careful.

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March 11, 2005 at 21:47:01
as a former employer of BB,I find it imperative to inform you that in my year of employment their I witnessed countless instances of "geek squad" BB employees access personal data from customers' systems/drives.All done with the intention of copying wanted data or showing other employees data which they may find amusing.
This was not a one time time occurrence,it happens day in and day out there.It made me extremely mad seeing this every day and knowing I couldn't do anything about it without getting terminated.
This is obviously grounds for termination for the employees and possibly legal action?
Anyways,without me going into detail about the corruptive activities at BB,I suggest you take my word when I say GET YOUR PC BACK OR RISK THE REPERCUSSIONS OF ANY PERSONAL DATA BEING STOLEN.

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March 12, 2005 at 05:37:10
It's not just BB Geek Squad that access personal data from customers' computer. It can happen anywhere wherever you bring in your PC for repair/upgrade.


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March 12, 2005 at 18:01:37
Im a geek squad agent, and i hardly ever rember the last time we all sat around someones data for amusment... were very professional at our location and any customers taxes or school documtens have no intrest to us.. thanks

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March 12, 2005 at 19:48:03
"It's not just BB Geek Squad that access personal data from customers' computer. It can happen anywhere wherever you bring in your PC for repair/upgrade."Right on man!!
I'm glad to hear you guys at your location aren't corrupt.
I'm not pointing the finger at BB alone.As XPU said,its many places.But what I witnessed at my BB location made me sick-I mean the Supervisor himself was doing it!!

Via P4-PB 400 FL@533
768DDR PC 2700
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro/Catalyst 5.1
Audigy 2 ZS Gamer Edition
Antec Trupower@430 Watts
19"Mag Innovision CRT

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March 14, 2005 at 20:44:35
Hey all, I am a GS agent too, and I find that many people will pay for the service where I am from becaue a lot of people just want it fixed. Our double agent (comes to the house) may not be the most advanced computer fixer guy, but he can hold his own. The geek squad trainings we recieved were very informative and we get updates all the time via a live GS only forum and publications. We have some great tools written by our great little buddys in corporate who make some fat cash because, well, they are F'in smart as all hell. Our prices may be high, I agree, but its a premium service and we have been told to treat our jobs as such, if some aren't as in the case of the data thieves, they will be eventually cought and dealt their cards, but for now, survey the site and see if the agents seem worth their salt, and if you ever get in-home, you have to be on site too, so you know he will never do anything like that with you there!
Our spyware/popup/adware removals are pretty darn good with our methods and as long as the tech does all the right steps, you will be a happy camper as many have been as I have seen.

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March 20, 2005 at 00:46:04
Okay, here's a response for all of you about Geek Squad:
1. Capt - CW Shredder takes care of the CW series of spyware that nobody gets anymore, and HijackThis is a great program for people who have the knowledge to edit their registry. However, HijackThis does not even get close to solving most spy issues(maybe 10%)
2. keltikgent - First off, Geeksquad does not charge per hour! They have flat fees that cover the cost of the job whether it takes 1 hour or 15. And the key word with the newspaper techs is $20/hr and UP.
3. Jennifer - The $229 fee is for a Double Agent to come into your home, yank your HDD, perform a full data recovery in a separate system as a slave, and put it back. Easy right? Wrong. Think about why the customer wanted the agent out there in the first place. This is for a data recovery from a drive that is usually bad (and viruses need to be removed before the transfer is done as well). Takes hours. Duh.
4. s7m7r - Some Best Buys are better than others. Ask around first to find out which one is the best in your area.
5. per - not possible. Geeksquad charges don't add up that high (unless you get everything done in your livingroom). If the charges even come remotely close we recommend a new comp.
6. Chunko - As I stated above, some Best Buys are better than others. My team is #3 in the nation and we never even have time to take breaks. There must be some bad management at that store, because I would fire my employees.


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March 21, 2005 at 03:32:00
Geek Squad sucks! My mother took her computer there. Just got it back yesterday. They sold her a $25 anti-virus and a $25 spyware sweeper PLUS Charged her $39 to clean her computer of viruses and $39 to clean her computer of spyware. So she shows this all to me and i still install AVG and AdAware and spybot on her computer to be safe (cuz it's all free and quality programs that we use) adn wouldn't you know! On the supposedly clean computer, spybot found 5 instances of spyware, Adaware found 45 instances and AVG found 17 trojan horses...and all we had done was turn the computer on so i could go to the internet and dl these. Needless to say, i am contacting the store today and getting her money back one way or another. I have screen shots of everything. I would never take my computer to Geek Squad.

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March 22, 2005 at 11:22:58
Good luck getting your money back BB policy states that they can not return all ready performed labor charges. Also I highly doubt they will return the software, most stores only allow you to exchange software for the same title. And lastly if you were so confident in your tech expertise why didn't you take care of the issue yourself in the first place, BB Geek Squad is designed for people who are not computer savy. Also there prices are very comperable to every other major electronics repair company and usually end up being slightly lower because there prices are a flat rate and not hourly based as was stated previously.

PS next time get your facts straight before ranting and raving.

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March 25, 2005 at 07:41:23
S7m7r, forget about the Geek Squad. Now, I have nothing against them, in fact, I've never even heard of them until recently.

One thing you've gotta understand is that, for one, 'Google' is you're friend....And two, is that internet itself offers an endless amount of free information.

Now, let's get on with it. The SIMPLEST thing you can do for the overall health of your computer is preventative maintenance. You see, a computer is not unlike your car, or, even your own body. And depending how well you take care of each one of these, determines how long each one shall last.

I'm not one to preach, but, the more junk ya put into something, guess what, the more junk you're gonna get out, it's that simple. Even more, the less ya clean something up, the dirtier is gonna get.

That said, here are some VERY easy tips that I will assure you are gonna get that ol' computer of yours, or anyone else's for that matter, in tip-top shape, and you know what, it's not gonna cost you a single dime.....hows that for the wonderfulness of the internet. :)

1.) Get the "FireFox" browser. It's THE most safest browser in existence.
Grab it here......
Install it, and make sure to set it as your DEFAULT browser. To do this, in FireFox, go to "tools", then "options", click on the "general tab", then look down where it says "defualt browser", make sure that there is a check mark next to "FireFox should check to see if it's the default browser when starting", put a check mark there if none exists, then click on the "check now" tab off to the right, so that FireFox can actually confirm this, then click 'ok' to close out that window.

Another tip,Internet Explorer will still sometimes try to rear it's ugly head, even though you have FireFox set as your default browser, you don't want this to happen, unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary. So, what you have to do is, using your firewall, block
I.E. from accessing the net without your permission.....this will take care of that. :) If you don't have a firewall installed already, then I would recommend "Sygate Personal FireWall Pro", it's top of the line, though not free. If you're tight for cash, then I would suggest the free firewall "ZoneAlarm". Grab it here......

2.) Get rid of all the spyware, adware and malware that may be lurking on your hard-drive. These things are like little vicious parasite programs that latch onto your computer when you surf the net. Grab of good spyware cleaner that will eradicate them all.

You can use one good cleaning program, or even, more than one at the same time, as I do. Here are the top free ones I recommend.....

AdAware Se Personal

SpyBot Search&Destroy

MicroSoft AntiSpyWare (formally known as Giant AntiSpyware)

Now, for an added step of protection, you'll want to grab a program that also prevents spyware form latching onto you computer in the first place, that program is called "SpyWare Blaster", it's also free. :)

Grab it here........

Now, here's the thing about using those first spyware programs I've listed above. You CAN use just one, but what if that one misses something? Well, that's why I use three, cause if onew misses something, the other two
will catch it, it's all about added safety really.

Ok, once you've ran one, or all three of those programs, you can pretty much consider computer free of those nasty if you don't want those that you've cleaned off to come back??....That's where "SpyWareBlaster" comes in. Install the program, update the definitions, then do what is recommended by the program as a "system snapshot". What a "system snapshot" does is, after you have run
those spyware programs, it takes a picture of your system in it's cleaned state, meaning free of parasites. So that, if those same bugs try to latch on again, it won't happen. Be sure though, to always update the definitions of your spyware programs too, then run a scan from those programs, then open "SpywareBlaster", update it's definitions, then a "system snapshot". Repeat this whole process once, each week, or every two weeks.

3.) Install a good virus program. This should be old news by now, if you don't have one, get Norton or McAfee's. Personally I use the one included with Vcom's (formally known as Ontrack) System Suite, also a VERY good program, though not free.

There are also free online scans available. "Trend Micro" has one here....

"Panda" has one here.....

McAfee has one here......

And Symantec has one here......

Keep in mind though, that an online scan is not as good as full/deep scan from actual purchased product....but it does help. ;)

4.) Clean out your registry. Your registry, what can I say, it would equate to the fiber tissues that transmitt information throughout your brain, if they get broken or die out, you'll start to lose yourself over a period of In your computer's case, strange things will start to happen, or, if the right registry key gets fouled up at the wrong time, your computer will cease to function. So, you've got to clean it up, and guess what, you can also defrag your registry....I'll also get to defragging your hard-drive later. ;)

Here's a couple of links tht provide free programs for the cleansing and defragging of your registry. By the way, "Vcom's System Suite" has both options as part of it's package. ;)

Grab your free registry cleaner here......

Get you free registry defragger here.....

As with all registry cleaning programs, be CAREFUL!! you can easily fouls things up concerning the natural operations of your computer. Be sure to read the help guide included with these programs.

5.) Defrag your hard-drive. A regular defragging of your hard-drive is another one of those GROSSLY over-looked processes when it comes to PC maintenance. A simply way to think of what your hard-drive is, and what the defragging process does, is to think of someone writing out a paragraph. Ummmm, let's
just take this novel that I've written out here so

Based on how each sentence is laid out, you can understand what I'm trying to express, cause each sentence is composed of words, each word, I hope, is spelled correctly, and of those words, each one flows into the next,
which ultimately forms an understandable sentence, which therefore, goes on to create a paragraph.

Now, let's say I go back into this novel and delete some words here and there. You'll still be able to make out what I'm saying, though with a touch of difficulty. Let's say I now move some words around, still readable, and a bit difficult to understand. Ok, I'll start to move whole sentences now, things are starting to get weird now, though you manage to make things out. This time I completely jumble all words around, nothing can be understood now. This is what happens to your hard-drive when stored data gets mis-placed or ommitted over a period of time, when
you don't defrag regularly......this information gets displaced, and if it gets to the point of being chronic, your hard-drive might just fail on you.

Now, when it comes to windows, there are three things you should avoid doing.(a.) Aviod using Internet Explorer, (b.) Avoid using it's buit-in firewall ( where applicable), and (c.) Avoid using it's defragger. Why, cause they are all pretty much garbage....resort to some effective, stand-alone program always.

The product I recommend for the defragging one's hard-drive is "Perfect Disk", it's top rated, and FAST!!'s not free though.

Grab a free defragger here........

6.) Clean up your hard-drive clutter. There are just numerous left-over items that are taking up space of your hard-drive, though you probably wouldn't even expect they'd be there, in fact they are. A disk cleaning utility is the one cure to fix all that mess.
Think of it as a program that tells your computer, "It's time for spring cleaning". :)

Grab a disk cleaning program here.....

Well, I hope that this ERNORMOUS amount of information serves you well, and goes a long way, in helping you, (anyone else also), to get things back into shape as it relates to what computer problems you're having, either now, or, at some point in the future.

Remember, take care of your computer, just as you would yourself, or any other item, person, or thing that you might you'll see that favor returned many times over. :)

(Peace!!) Speech

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March 28, 2005 at 22:47:35
As long as you have antivirus, a hardware firewall and you don't punch the monkey you'll be fine.

See yah
Agent 741

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March 31, 2005 at 18:19:54
Thanks everyone especially Speech for taking the time to reply.

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April 1, 2005 at 12:26:30
No problem at all S7m7r.........glad to be of some help. :)

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April 1, 2005 at 17:01:05
Gek Squad are crooks, at least in this area. Flat out, straight up crooks.

I recieved a call from an elderly gentleman who paid Geek Squad $180 (yes it's on the reciept) for home delivery and set up of his new computer he bought from Best Buy. They delivered it maybe 10 blocks and stacked it nicely in his living room floor. That's it....$180.

When his son called to inquire about this "premium service" he was told to call back and make an appointment if he actually wanted it unpackged and made functional. He then called me to finish the job.

Absolutely unbelieveable.

Keep it up guys and you won't be around long. On the bright side you are good for business.


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April 5, 2005 at 11:16:53

I am a Network Administrator for two pharmacies in South Carolina with 5 years of experience. A+ and Network+ Certifications and on my way to MSCE. I am ready to jump out because of all the HIPAA regulations.

I am interested in a geek squad career, but cannot find any salary information. Can you guys help provide some info?


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April 6, 2005 at 16:00:31
I wouldnt trust a geek squad tech that was selliong washing machines in the back of the store six months ago. Theese guys are idiots and you will be paying them $90 an hour? I had one client that had a "geek" come over for spyware removal which took the guy 5 hours to remove and the total bill was $449 with software. WTF is that about, format the machine if you cant remove it within a half hour. Like I said theese guys should have stayed in the home audio or refrigerator department. Two thumbs down to "geek squad". Plus I cant stand there stupid theme. Insepctor, double agent......just fix my f-ing computer and leave the theatrics to broadway.

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April 8, 2005 at 20:35:48
johnwjtek - you are my hero. that's the best thing anyone's said in this thread...

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April 18, 2005 at 02:26:41
Actually, "4. s7m7r - Some Best Buys are better than others. Ask around first to find out which one is the best in your area" from ryan is the best thus far.

You have to think, people; Best Buy has 620+ stores nationwide and has a Geek Squad precinct in each of those stores. If you had a bad experience in one store that automatically makes all other 620 of them bad as well? How logical is that?

Any time you get any sort of repair done, you obviously want it done by quality people. You don't just find the first shop in the book and say "fix it". You generally shop around (or should). I'd be the first to say that there are a lot of people who don't have a clue what they are doing in the Geek Squad...but generally, they are obvious. As a whole, however, the vast majority of Geek Squad agents are experienced techs who know what they are talking about. That's not even mentioning the fact that, being such a large corporation, Best Buy has developed or is in the process of developing standard procedures that are followed on routine things like security setups & spyware/virus removals. The idea is to look for a quality person to fix your computer, whether it is Geek Squad or not, and go to them. I work for the #1 store in the company (sorry Ryan :) ) and I'm the first to say that we do have an occasional issue, but out of thousands of customers every month, those issues constitute less than 1% of our customers, AND (at least in our store) we attempt to make even that 1% leave our store with a smile on their face.

Give Geek Squad a little more time to mature & you'll start finding top quality techs in almost every precinct across the country.


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April 18, 2005 at 11:26:16
I have heard nothing but false lies about the Geek Squad. Geek Squad is not for everyone. Some of the guys on this forum are obviously familiar with Spyware/Virus Removal, Geek Squad may not be for you. Geek Squad is focused on taking care of everyone of their clients. If the agents find something new that they may be unfamiliar with they (I) have a vast amount of knowledge base. We have thousands of agents we can contact. (Who does that 20hr or up person have, his friends and family) We are backed by the number 1 C.E. Co. Best Buy. We have partnered with large Manufactoring Co. Linksys, Microsoft, etc... Click around on their websites go to support who shows up. If anyone has a legitimate issue with Geek Squad call us. We can and will take care of you. As far as pricing, anyone can argue about prices of services. I heard someone say well once you start getting services you could almost get a new computer. Well that is part of our recommendations, we look at what is best for the client. I love some of the first forums talking about doing it yourself. As you may know it requires more than installing a few programs to clean up viruses and spyware, it can be very detailed work with the registery. When half of the population feels that they are dumb when it comes to computers, how can we ask them to fix really detailed issues. Think about... I feel that must of the argument about Geek Squad is disceptive in its on form. We can set here and argue about why Gas prices are going up. Everyone has their own perception.

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April 25, 2005 at 15:38:52
It's definitely a matter of perspective. My dad is an opthalmologist (not an optometrist -- he is a licensed surgeon) and one of the frustrations he has to deal with is people who bought glasses at Wal-Mart but then come to him to have them fixed, corrected, or to find out they have glaucoma. In other words, one place handles product very well, while the doctor handles the diagnosis much better. The parallel is not exact, but I hope you see what I mean.

Wal-Mart isn't all bad, and neither, probably, is GeekSquad. In fact, I wandered in here looking for info on what kind of employees they're looking for. It seems to me that the people most vocal in their complaints about GeekSquad are, understandably, those who have the most to lose to them -- private tech support companies or individuals. These are local services, and when GeekSquad comes to town, it's like Wal-Mart squashing the corner drug store. As separate companies, they couldn't possibly compete with a single large company in one market -- *if* that large company can beat them on price or quality of service. GS may be a premium service now (and thus more expensive) but if they keep a foothold, I'd bet their prices will drop. In the meantime, though, they still have to prove their dedication to customer service (IMO).

On the other hand, it may just be another Flight of the Passing Fancy. Remember Gateway stores?

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April 27, 2005 at 09:00:52
Well, Geek Squad is certainly a ripoff. The rates are too high and they can't possibly hire anyone with any skill. Why? It takes years of experience in a variety of roles to become good at "troubleshooting" computers. People with this experience will find a better, more professional job making more money than Geek Squad will pay. Some fresh A+ cert monkey shouldn't be allowed to touch a computer under a pseudo-professional banner and claim to be an expert with a supah elite 00wannabe number. It's frustrating to see luddites being charged out the arse for this service. You're's not for everyone. It's not for anyone.

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April 28, 2005 at 18:34:42
Jimi_1: First off, you are simply wrong. Geek Squad does not deliver equipment. Period. Ever, anywhere, for anyone. I do not know who your friend paid for delivery, but it was not Geek Squad. Perhaps they paid Best Buy the standard delivery fee the same as anyone having a washer, dryer or TV delivered, but that is not Geek Squad.

Johnwjtek- You are just as mistaken. Geeks On Call charge about $90 per hour, but as was previously posted, Geek Squad charges PER JOB, NOT HOUR. So, if an Agent were on site for 1 hour or 5 hours, it would be the same charge. For the bill to go as high as $400 with software, your friend must have bought several $49 programs. The max service fee for on OS service is $229. That would still leave almost 200 in other sales.

Bungler, if the test for repairs were 25 years in the fiels, and if anyone with that level of expertise were to be "People with this experience will find a better, more professional job making more money", then logically, no one would ever repair PCs. What would you suggest, 25 years of experience for every user before they can but a computer? Experience is one thing, but there are lots of braid dead, "I worked on punch cards and tubes" old guys with about a thousand years of experience that can not even find the Control Panel without an IBM manual and Tech Spec sheet.

If you can fis your own computers and enjoy doing so, then you do not need Geek Squad. If you pay people to deliver things to your home and then 1) fail to remember who you paid and 2) get mad that you live close to the store where you made the purchase, then perhaps a calculater and an etch-a-sketch is in order. If, you are an expert in YOUR field, this field is not computer based, you do not enjoy spending hours reading manuals and trying to figure out computer stuff after working all day, if you can not physically carry the computer equipment and set it up, if you have better things to do that carry and set up computers, then perhaps a service like Geek Squad is for you.

They provide a 30 day warranty on the services they provide. If you find things are not up to your liking, then either return to the Precinct you visited or, if the job was in home, then call the number and request the Agent return to correct the situation. The recall is free provided it is part of the original problem.

If it turns out that Spy Bot found teh 5 DSO errors it finds everytime it runs without the patch, then it is still free for the Agent to explain this to you.

And for the record, a Free 30 day Trial of Spy Sweeper is worth more than just about all the other Spyware tools mentioned here so far, especially Spy Bot and Spy Blaster. Don't take my word for it, check out ZD's site for reviews.

If you are too cheap or too broke ass to pony up the $39 for a full version of Spy Sweeper (from Webroot), then use the trial to remove stuff. Also use Ad Aware and MS Anti spyware. Then replace it with Spy Bot and make the requested donation to the German guy who makes it. It is worth it.

You guys ever see the TV commercial for a financial advisor company that has a doctor talking some guy through abdominal surgery over the phone? For most users, this is how they feel. Having someone who warrantees their work and has had a background check come out to their house and fix their computer without talking to them like Nick the Computer Tech is a good thing.

Things are not perfect. People are not all the same. Differant people will perform differantly in each sitaution. ANY Tech you seek help from is a gamble just like ANY doctor you see is a gamble. But a large, growing company with backing is a better bet in most situations than a company that has never made it out of some guys garage or the local classifieds. Think background checks if nothing else.

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April 28, 2005 at 21:27:33
i will give you first hand info on the geek squad because i am one.

i am a very expeirenced tech with years of field work in nyc. bottom line is, we do the best we can with what you provide. i think prices are better than when i did work on my own.
spyware removal 39$
virus removal 39$
advanced security setup /w norton and spysweeper installed and updated 89$.

geek squad is nothing more than a bunch of technicians trying to make a living, the same techs they hire at other places. i have done much more than and gone beyond my limits for customers so please, judge by the individual, not by the company

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April 30, 2005 at 17:23:29
First off that wasn't Geek Squad we dont charge hourly, It was more likely a member of Geeks on Call, Which is a franchise and they are on commision so you would understand why they would be there for 5 hours and bill 450 bucks...

I have been with best buy for about 2 years, and before i worked there i would bash best buy technicians on a daily bases... So I feel alot of bashing here is just not knowing... and yes with 6000 agents there are gonna be a few bad apples, if you would do a quick google search for geek squad you would see all the reports and articles on all the happy customers we do have... our service is quality, our customers are happy, we are on time, we are not on commision, and we are available 24/7... yes if you call 3am if it is my week to be oncall at night i would come to your house...

I also noticed everyone here who has had a bad experience with geek squad has been with the instore geek squad... There is a bit of diffrence in quality between the instore agents and the in home double agents... not to say that the instore agents are not good but you are more likely to run into an instore agent who doesnt know as much as other professionals... and yes alot of the instore agents are students and they usually make 10-13 an hour while the inhome agents make 15-22/h...

blah im ranting =) ok let me stop... but just know we really are a good quality service and it is our motto to protect and serve as a 24/7 computer task force and i do enjoy the theme...

-DA 1056

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January 4, 2006 at 05:14:44
GEEK SQUAD is awesome for us unsavvy computer people. They are not that expensive as far as comp help goes. I love them because the company has such a funny sense of humor and they are very very polite. Hey, a sense of humor and politeness are important to me when I am pulling out my hair over a comp problem! They are super knowledgeable and have every piece of software imaginable at their disposale, so I think they are faster than the randome tech guy. Faster, in my book, usually equals cheaper. I had a huge problem with 3 computers just the other day and GEEK fixed them all over the phone for $80. I do realize this post is about Best Buy GEEK's, but I think the company overall is not expensive and A+! The only problem I have ever had with them is that they really need more phone techs!!! Also, if you ever use any of their services and you realize the "agent" is not up to par, just request a different agent. This happened to me one time when I was getting phone tech help. When the guy put me on hold again, after just being on hold for 15 minutes, and even I knew he was going in the wrong direction, I simply hung up, recalled and got an excellent tech!

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January 4, 2006 at 11:07:25
Geek squad is a joke.

After two weeks of "diagnosing" my computer they called and said my PC was ready for pickup. I go to pickup the computer and their diagnosis is "Labor and/or parts exceed value of unit." Thats it.

No the problem was that the display wasn't coming up upon boot and there was no "beep" which indicates it isn't even getting through post.

The guy at the counter was clueless and told me to call 888-BESTBUY to get the details. When I called the 888 number the guy on the phone looked up my order and told me I needed a new video card (which works fine by the way) and "possible other parts" including the power supply and mother board.

They should change their name to the ripoff Squad.

I wish I could say it was isolated to the local techs here but they shipped it to their service location in Ohio. If their headquarters can't do better than that then what does that say about the rest? Ouch.

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January 6, 2006 at 22:44:01
First Off I'd like to say, I’m surprised this thread is still alive after almost a year....that’s interesting. Second, I've worked for Geek Squad ever since they rolled out into the BBY Stores, and worked as a BBY In-Store Tech before the GS rollout. I've got to say...GS is one of the best things that have happened to BBY in the past few years. I know some feel, 'well...they're just a bunch of ignorant kids that just press some buttons...not really knowing what’s going on'. As previously stated, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm sure there are the unfortunate instances of that in well as every other company in the USA. Now this is something to kind of ponder about: Like I said, I’ve been with BBY for a little over 3 years as a technician, and I’ve managed to move myself up in ranking of the tech bench, and GS-how old am I? 19. Quick news flash for some people...age doesn’t always make a difference in knowledge or ability. Don’t get me wrong, some people shouldn’t be in this’s just not for them. But with the way technology is...we're growing up with it. We were born w/ it, and we deal with it on an everyday basis. Now you may say, 'bla hes 19, he still doesn’t know anything about computers, let alone the ability to be a Senior in a department'. Sure, you're entitled to your opinion, but don’t let it stand for all of Geek Squad. Geek Squad has helped me, and many others start a great career, learn, and even help teach. We're not gonna have the job unless we know more about technology then the general public. If an agent can't fix a problem, then another can, and will. You can have as many certifications as you want, but certifications aren't anything unless you have experience, and any employer will grin, and feel confident in a resume that says 'Geek Squad Double Agent'.

As for the people ranting about prices, and why would you ever take your computer to anyone else-just do it yourself...bla bla bla....the general public that doesn’t know technology, at least not well enough to fix their own computer, in all likelihood isn't going to have the time or want to spend hours upon hours of their time trying to fix a problem which they can spend $150 to have a person do it that’s trained in repairing PCs, let alone someone they can have the reassurance of talking to in person to fix their PC in half that time. If you know how to do stuff yourself....great, more power to ya, if you feel so confident...want a job? Let’s see how ya hold up in a retail job, dealing w/ 90+ people a day while repairing at least 3-6 computers in a single 8hour shift. Anyone that's worked retail can vouch....people can suck....drastically, and for the dumbest reasons. I'm about done with my rant now, didn't have a real reason for posting other than the fact that I truly do feel that 99% of these people posting, and complaining about mindless crap, and simply misinformed. And this just shows many people do you see saying 'I love where I work, who I work for, and what I do, and I'm proud to work for them enough to try to educate the ones that aren't properly informed'.

Happy belated New Years to all, and g'nite.

-Geek Squad CIA Senior

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