Email addy is being changed! How?

February 26, 2009 at 16:02:20
Specs: Windows Vista
Dear Tech Support,

Please see this cut and paste below from my email account on My wife and I both use this account although I primarily use it to look for jobs with. And my wife since I am in the Middle East will at times log in and send out my resume to jobs she has seen on-line for me also.

As you can see the first line (GREEN is RIGHT, sorry I see the colors are not showing up either ) is one we prepared and is also identical to my/our email signature when I/we sign off on an email. However, the second line (RED is WRONG) we do not know where it came from. We suspect we know who did this because someone close to me would have to know what a QEP is, etc.

The email program just starting sending emails in this manner with the QEP at the front of the email address even though we have nothing put on-line like this in any of the filled in lines/areas or signatures or contact address book information for myself.

So we think that perhaps someone has logged in to my and put some sort of tracking device or spy-ware on that "new email address" that is now showing up in my/our account when we send something out. My email address now shows up ALL the time with the QEP at the front of my email name address.

I/we can't seem to stop it because I/we don't know how it got there. I/we have several anti-virus and anti-spy ware programs running on our computers, and it doesn't make any difference which computers we use because it is affixed to the email address for me now in my/our account. WHAT DO WE DO? THE ANTI-PROGRAMS ARE PICKING UP NOTHING FROM THIS BUT WE DIDN'T DO THIS AND DON'T KNOW HOW IT GOT INTO MY/OUR EMAIL ACCOUNT.

Can you tell me/us what it does? How do I/we get rid of it? And how could someone place it there in the email address area? Would they have had to be inside my/our email account to do this? Or send something remotely to my email account that would open on it's own or perhaps as a hidden spy-ware on a spam email, etc.? I/we are mystified!

This sender is DomainKeys verified
"Mark K. Sands, QEP" <> (RIGHT)

"QEPMark K. Sands" <> (WRONG)

We would appreciate a response. If we didn't send this to the right place on would you kindly forward it to that place for us?

Please write to me/us back in my wife's email address because we don't want the response going back to my/our email account. We changed the password immediately on my account. But we have a son whom we are not on good terms, that has mental problems yet is a genius with computers and he has crashed 5 of our computers in the past, attached the banker's password virus to our anti-virus software on one of our computers, sent remote printing to our printers to use up our ink cartridges,used the "aerosol" program to spy on our phone calls and record them to his CPU, etc. And two were crashed within 4 days of each other after he found out we replaced the one he crashed with a "Burp" then the next time it was the "Raspberries" sound on New Years Day.

Please help us. We are not programmers or this tech savvy by any means. Any attention or help would be appreciated or direction where to write if you can't help us would be wonderful.

Thank you kindly in advance. We are at wits end and don't know how to protect ourselves from this sort of stuff, as he has hacking softwares to break and crack passwords, etc. We can't seem to keep him out of our accounts.

the Sands

P.S. We see, and so I have removed my email address and will check back here for an answer.
Thanks very much!

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February 26, 2009 at 16:48:11
Did you look at your Yahoo Mail Options under General Preferences? What is in the "From Name" field?

Also, it's not a good idea to post your email addy in plain text.


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February 26, 2009 at 17:46:17
Yes, we have checked's mail options and all preferences out very no avail. There is nothing there that we noticed as being changed to the QEP in front of the email name. And yes, we changed the email address before placing the message online so that it is not like our email address but nor the same names, etc. so we have that all covered. The QEP is not even the same letters acronym but it is enough to get the specifics across on this problems post. Just different letters, email addresses and names. But all set up the same way so that you all can see the structure of the way it is written out.

We are still at a loss.....what this all means, does, how or why it is being done and how to stop it.

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February 27, 2009 at 11:13:30
So if you send mail out from that account, using Yahoo's website, the recipient sees "QEPMark K. Sands" in the Sender's field?


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February 28, 2009 at 18:54:24
Thank you Jennifer for the replys. Yes, that is correct, they see the QEPMark K. Sands.

I was able to go back to the contacts/address page on my computer and I selected our email address, highlighted the entire email address square and then hit delete. Then I put the correct email address back in there. HOWEVER, THERE WAS NOT ANYTHING NEW IN THAT SQUARE BUT THE EMAIL ADDRESS WE WERE USING THAT IS CORRECT.

That fixed the problem on/from my computer. But when my hubby send me an email from his account, it showed up again the the wrong email address of QEPMark K. Sands address.

So I went back in from my computer and sent an email to hubby inside his email account by using the contact info in the address book on, and it was not there again. So it seems to be specific to just hubby computer only now. So I suggested he run the virus checker for a long/deep scan. And then we would change the password again and then redo his email address like I did in his own contact book (which incidently is the same as the one I used and was showing correct and didn't appear to be anything to correct when I did the above sequence) and have him do the select email address, highlight the square, hit delete and then type it in again.

But even with all this the son broke into many of our accounts again last night and changed the passwords so we had to go through resetting all again this morning. I also had to redo all of with new password, etc. It was so screwed up I had to call AOL and get them to reset everything which takes some time, they are so busy.

We just can't keep him out of our accounts, with the hacking/cracking software he runs. And we know it is him because of the things he does when inside the accounts. His B-day is coming up this new two weeks and he does this with a vengence about this time every year as well as at other times also. But this year it is much worse.

Any suggestions....? I keep making the passwords longer and longer and much more difficult with caps, lower case, symbols, and numbers but nothing stops this kid.

I spent the entire day again working on all of our accounts to clean things up. I am so tired of his antics I could scream. The only thing I can think of to do is to change to new email accounts that he doesn't know the screen names for......What do you think...?

I am really worried that he is spying on us with a program that is sending him all of what we do anyway when on-line. I am at a loss....

Any help is appreciated.
Thanks again.

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March 1, 2009 at 06:31:31
The problems you have here are obviously more than computer issues. If you believe he has installed spyware/keyloggers on your machine, you can run special programs to detect and remove those.

If it were me, I would backup any data and reload the computers from scratch. Assuming of course that he doesn't have physical access to the computers to install any software.

Then, cancel any current accounts, and create all new accounts of which he has no knowledge. If he sends you email, don't open it.


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